Ahalia Hospital Mussafah

Ahalia Hospital Mussafah Abu Dhabi

Ahalia Hospital Mussafah est spécialisé en soins dentaires, chirurgie esthétique et implant capillaire. Fondée en 1984, cette clinique certifiée JCI Accredited, ISO 9001:2008 est située à Abu Dhabi, Emirats Arabes Unis. Voir les avis clients, les photos avant/après et demandez le prix des opérations de chirurgie à l’étranger. Remplissez le formulaire pour un pré-diagnostic gratuit. Réponse rapide.

Ahalia Hospital Mussafah, Abu Dhabi, Emirats Arabes Unis

L’accréditation JCI a été conférée à l’hôpital Ahalia après une enquête de quatre jours menée avec succès en 2010. L’hôpital fait partie du groupe médical Ahalia – une organisation privée qui regroupe de nombreux centres médicaux, pharmacies et centres commerciaux. À Abu Dhabi, ils disposent d’un hôpital et de pharmacies multispécialisés qui fournissent des soins médicaux de qualité et abordables à leurs patients. Les professionnels de la santé sont recrutés sur la base de leurs diplômes et de leurs pratiques accrédités au niveau international et de leurs origines ethniques et culturelles diverses afin de répondre aux besoins de la société cosmopolite d’Abu Dhabi.

Spécialité de la clinique :

Soins Dentaires
Traitement du canal radiculaire
Couronne dentaire
Implant dentaire
Bilan dentaire
Consultation en dentisterie

Chirurgie Esthétique
Augmentation mammaire
Implants mammaires
Réduction mammaire
Lifting cervico-facial
Lifting du corps
Lifting des seins
Reconstruction mammaire
Lifting des sourcils
Lifting des fesses
Augmentation des fesses
Implants fessiers
Transfert de graisse
Réduction des graisses
Augmentation des lèvres
Lifting du cou
Chirurgie du nez
Consultation en chirugie plastique
Traitement des cicatrices
Lifting des cuisses
Traitement des varices
Traitement des rides

Implant Capillaire
Greffe de cheveux


Services +

Transfert de l’aéroport
Logement familial
Réservation du vol
Wifi gratuit
Assurance santé
Réservation d’hotel
Journaux internationaux
Services d’interprétation
Guide touristique
Réservation de taxi
Transfert de dossiers médicaux
Chambres accessible PMR
Consultation par internet
Téléphone dans la chambre
Chambres privées
Installations religieuses
Coffre-fort dans la chambre
Précautions alimentaires
Services de traduction
TV dans la chambre

Ville : Abu Dhabi – Pays : Emirats Arabes Unis – Fondé en 1984 
Accréditation : JCI Accredited, ISO 9001:2008 – Langue(s) parlée(s) : Arabe, Bengali, Anglais, Hindi

Avis de Ahalia Hospital Mussafah

05:14 20 Dec 20
Quality treatment.. Experienced doctors.. Responsible nurses.. Well equiped laboratory and radiology departments.. Systematic approach.. Helpful pharmacy staffs..
Marisol Vargas Castellon
Marisol Vargas Castellon
12:51 24 Nov 20
In the past days and also today I had to attend the Ahalia Mussafah hospital and I want to thank the hospital staff because they were very kind to me but very very especially I want to thank Dilan, a young man who is in charge of organizing and guiding the patients, he He guided me and helped me in each of the steps I had to follow to comply with my medical exams. Everything was carried out satisfactorily thanks to the help of Dilan, thank you very much Dilan and many thanks to the medical staff of this hospital.
Ugitha Tharanga
Ugitha Tharanga
18:33 22 Oct 20
This hospital is one of the best hospital in UAE. Most of the doctors are well experienced. Nurses are also very very helpful. Pharmacy also available. very neat and clean. easily located and lot of parking places available.Reception staff and doctor are all kind and helpful. Specially Mr.Dilan who assisted me for the consultation Lab Test & radiology Test, Highly recommended.
Marlon Bate
Marlon Bate
05:53 16 Oct 20
I really appreciate for the services of Mr. Dilan who attend our registration and assistance during our medical process.Hope he will continued his good approach of assisting his costumer every now and then.
Jham Rasol
Jham Rasol
13:01 13 Oct 20
Done a medical there today, had a great experience, all doctors and staff are accomodating and friendly, specially Dilan, who assisted me in every procedure of medical. Its good that this hospital have a person to assist every patient or client. Thank u.
Zia Shah
Zia Shah
09:12 06 Oct 20
Excellent services and appreciated you appointment follow up.very good helping staff as well.
Nafees Ahmad
Nafees Ahmad
07:49 06 Oct 20
I visit too many time Ahlia hospital its was a great experience , very nice supportive and caring staff clean environment specially in this Covid-19 pandemic all the staff is following sops and on the enter point specially they confirmed that every one who’s entering in the hospital is covid free so thats why Ahlia hospital is complete covid free i will recommend for the best services Ahlia hospital is the best
Mohammed Noor Uddin
Mohammed Noor Uddin
07:15 06 Oct 20
Doctors are cooperative and Excellent but 3 stars are for long ques for appointments and in Pharmacy
Mubarakthoombil Mubarak
Mubarakthoombil Mubarak
14:00 11 Sep 20
Very bad and very slow.dont waste your time
12:57 05 Sep 20
Very friendly staff, and experienced doctors
Israr Khan
Israr Khan
19:22 04 Sep 20
Better to go local clinic it’s much better than al Ahalia hospital
molly chopra
molly chopra
07:11 27 Aug 20
worst services by Child Doctor, They waste our time to show that they are doing lot of work, only for stomach pain i stayed more than 3 hours at that time no more patients.they told us the doctor were experienced but as i feel doctor dont have.
Anilkumar Vishwanathan
Anilkumar Vishwanathan
08:16 20 Aug 20
Well Experienced Doctors, Good service at the Hospital. They should increase turnaround time for issuing medications from the Main Pharmacy if practically possible. It takes minimum 30 minutes to move one ticket.
Fami Fameeza
Fami Fameeza
11:41 12 Aug 20
Ahalia is one of the very good hospitals in Abudhabi. It have a peaceful ambience and lots of space compared to other hospitals. Experienced doctors and quality treatment.
11:02 06 Aug 20
I would like to give five star for hospital,but for the pharmacy it's taking lost of time,I was waited almost hour to come my turn.
Mcjaydele Mclaine
Mcjaydele Mclaine
13:18 02 Aug 20
I had a very positive experience with all of the Nurses and staff at Ahalia Hospital-Mussafah. I highly recommend Dr. Saumya my gynecologists she is very professional and amazing!
avinash ashraf
avinash ashraf
16:53 29 Jul 20
Very bad service. Personally had a very bad experience. My wife visited today for a paid medical test after confirming the fees and charges through phone call. After reaching the hospital they increased the fees and completely rude behavior especially from the occupational health team leader (Jithin) and front desk staffs. No option for complaining inside the hospital, that's why writing the review.
Akawung Adeline
Akawung Adeline
14:26 19 Jul 20
Am so much in love with Ahalia hospital mussafah, from the receptionist to doctors they are so nice and professional. My two kids in the hospital made me fall so much in love with them, the Gynecology department, nurses and midwives are so friendly. My special thanks goes to Doctor Saumya my Gynecology she followed me up as if she was my relative. If I have the opportunity to choose the hospital's I want my insurance to covered I will never hesitate to choose Ahalia hospital mussafah even in my next world.May God continue to blessed Ahalia hospital and team😻😘🙏🙏
Karen Dela cruz
Karen Dela cruz
07:10 16 Jul 20
I am Karen dela cruz. We are leaving in sharjah alnadha. And we don't have work untill now. Suddenly before may husband he has work before covid. But suddenly they terminate him. In company. And I am visit visa also. Without work. And I was pregnant. Sow we don't how we can get baby birth. And how we can get money To our spenses. for the reason no have job. That's why we applying for this matter we hoping that this hospital can help us to get delivery free. Please help us l🙏🙏🙏Please help us please. We don't know what to do now. Please help us🙏🙏🙏😭😭l.
Dinu Tom
Dinu Tom
05:44 12 Jul 20
Good hospital with all facilities and best services
Anum Mughal
Anum Mughal
11:37 06 Jul 20
I’m in UAE since 2016 and have always been to Al Ahlia Hospital Musaffah. Gave birth to my baby girl there. Dr. Saumya Shrivastava is one of the best gynaecologist who always attends her patients so nicely and warmly. My child is whenever sick she’s admitted there and gets recovered quite fast Alhamdulillah. It’s a nice family hospital. Highly recommended!
Danish Aziz
Danish Aziz
18:10 01 Jul 20
Fast registeration, competent doctors and fast testing services
eng torres
eng torres
04:27 11 Mar 20
Big tower, good specialists, take care of you at anytime, serve you well
Hitesh mohan
Hitesh mohan
13:32 18 Feb 20
The person sitting at the registration counter was partial and doing registration of the people known, prior to the people waiting for long time. Even other people raised this but he rudely told them to wait for their turn. This kind of behavior is unacceptable for the person sitting at that place. The management should look into this and ensure people are treated with respect. Even after registration not much support for the people, you have to ask where you have to go, pathetic services. Not seen such kind of arrogant and unhelpful staff in the hospital setup.
Dinesh Sharma
Dinesh Sharma
09:11 22 Dec 19
Have taken my daughter twice. They have always had a specialist pediatrician late at night. The staff and pharmacy were helpful and they cover most insurance cards including basic ones. Never been disappointed by their service and have never had long wait times. Their pharmacy staff is very knowledgeable and helpful as well.
John Rhys Clements
John Rhys Clements
04:05 09 Dec 19
Good facilities with ample parking. Very busy yet staff pleasant and accommodating - 4/5 star for hospital itself. 2/3 star for pharmacy - no info - basically you have to walk up to any desk, stand over someone sitting down and hand slip in or you'll wait hours before they ask for your slip.
10:41 23 Nov 18
هذه أول زيارة لي هنا مرافقاً لشقيقي، يبدو أن المستشفى صرح طبي متكامل منظم ومرتب. مستشفى حقيقي. لكن شقيقي ينتظر منذ ساعة ونصف ليرى الجرّاح. This is my first visit to this hospital accompanying my brother, this hospital seems integrated, organized and tidy. A true hospital indeed. But my brother has been waiting for more than an hour and half to see the surgeon.
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