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Barber Surgeons Guild Los Angeles

Barber Surgeons Guild est spécialisé en implant capillaire. Fondée en 2016, cette clinique certifiée est située à Los Angeles, États-Unis. Voir les avis clients, les photos avant/après et demandez le prix des opérations de chirurgie à l’étranger. Remplissez le formulaire pour un pré-diagnostic gratuit. Réponse rapide.

Barber Surgeons Guild, Los Angeles, États-Unis

La Barber Surgeons Guild fournit des produits et des services de haute qualité pour le toilettage et l’entretien des hommes.

Au Moyen Âge, le chirurgien barbier était l’un des praticiens médicaux les plus courants de l’Europe médiévale, s’occupant des soldats pendant la bataille. C’était une coalition de commerçants essentiels à l’ordre de la société qui devaient tout faire, de la coupe de cheveux à la chirurgie.

Nous avons créé la Barber Surgeons Guild en l’honneur de cette tradition, avec l’engagement de fournir aux hommes toute la gamme des produits, des services et de la science pour qu’ils soient à leur meilleur.

Spécialité de la clinique :

Implant Capillaire
Épaississement des cheveux
Consultation perte de cheveux
Traitement perte de cheveux
Implant capillaire
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Ville : Los Angeles – Pays : États-Unis – Fondé en 2016 
Accréditation : Non renseigné – Langue(s) parlée(s) : Anglais

Avis de Barber Surgeons Guild

Niklaus Patrick Miller
Niklaus Patrick Miller
19:46 03 Nov 20
EXAMEN DE LA GREFFE DE CHEVEUX ARTAS:Mon temps avec le Dr Rome au BSG était incroyable. J'ai toujours été intéressé par cette procédure et je savais que mes cheveux clairsemés étaient une grande insécurité pour moi. J'ai programmé ma première consultation et l'ai eue sur Zoom. Jeanine et le Dr Rome ont suivi toute la procédure et m'ont montré ce que le médecin proposait pour ma nouvelle ligne de cheveux. Ils ont passé une trentaine de minutes avec moi et ont été très compréhensifs et patients. J'ai adoré l'information que j'ai obtenue, alors j'ai prévu une consultation en personne juste pour m'assurer que le Dr pouvait me voir en personne et confirmer ma nouvelle ligne de cheveux. Pas une seule fois ils ne m'ont fait pression ou n'ont essayé de me vendre. (Ils m'ont en fait encouragé à moins aller et à ne pas opter pour quelque chose qui ne me semblerait pas naturel.) Jeanine a répondu à mes appels téléphoniques et m'a envoyé un e-mail chaque fois que je posais une préoccupation ou une question et elle était toujours très utile. Elle a expliqué les plans de paiement qu'ils ont (qui sont assez étonnants) et quand j'étais prêt à m'engager à une date, elle a pu m'aider à planifier et à entrer dans le mois !!Coupé au jour de ma procédure où j'ai pu rencontrer l'équipe qui travaillerait sur moi et effectuerait plusieurs tâches tout au long de la journée. Tout le monde était si sympathique et ils m'ont traité comme un prince! Je suis éternellement reconnaissant au Dr Rome et à chaque personne qui m'a aidé en cours de route. J'encourage vivement tous ceux qui ne sont pas en sécurité ou qui s'intéressent à cette procédure à simplement planifier une consultation. Il n'y a aucune pression pour vous engager dans la chirurgie si vous ne vous sentez pas prêt et qu'ils ne vous inciteront pas à la réserver. Ils sont là et disponibles pour vous lorsque vous êtes prêt à franchir cette étape!Je suis tellement heureuse d'être allée au BSG et j'espère que d'autres personnes liront ceci et se rendront compte de l'impact positif du Dr Rome pour les hommes aux cheveux clairsemés.
Kent Thompson
Kent Thompson
19:43 15 Oct 20
This review is a little late. about 7 months ago, right before quarantine I did a hair transplant procedure with BSG. I had done a fair bit of research before making my final decision to go with them. Some of the reasons I liked them over some other spots.1. Experience. Most if not all of the staff has been in this particular industry for years. The procedure is really an art and for it to come out great you need experience. Dr. Rome has a great eye and will give you a wonderful natural looking hairline. I also did a scalp camouflage(basically a tattoo) Rodney, another gentleman who works at BSG absolutely killed it on this. They basically go in with a tattoo needle and make small dots that look like hair follicles. I cant tell you how natural it looks. I couldn't even tell it was a tattoo without getting point blank with a camera.2. Professional but not uptight. They really have created a wonderful energy inside the business. Like I wouldn't mind hanging out and having a beer or a manhattan(which you can or could, before covid). Everything feels, looks, and is maintained clean like any doctors office but doesn't have a boring esthetic. The staff is friendly and very easy to chat with like a friend. I honestly just felt comfortable and at ease being there.As far as the procedure goes. Before you make any decisions they sit down with you and answer all questions you may have and explain the process. I never felt pressure to do anything and only ever received honest answers. Another thing....YES, the procedure is expensive but you will be paying a lot anywhere you go. I figured why not go with "the best" for me which was BSG. They do have financing options through a 3rd party.When you go in on your day to get the procedure done Dr. Rome will prepare your scalp by numbing it and creating small incisions where your new hair will eventually go. I should mention that the whole process is painless and you being relaxed and comfortable is their main concern.After this is done they will put you in a seat where a robot(chappy) will remove follicles one by one from the back of your head. This is the longest part of the process. Chappy basically scans your head and removes follicles in a way where everything is removed evenly. While this is happening there are technicians that are caring for your hairs and keeping the follicles alive.After this they sit you back down into another chair and 1-2 technicians begin one by one inserting your new hair.The whole thing takes about 6 hours? I honestly can't remember. You are able to drive home and its all pretty easy.The first 5 days are pretty trippy after the surgery. You have to sleep a certain way and have to be very mindful of your hair as things need to set. They give detailed instructions and you can call them ANY time if you have questions. The first couple of weeks are cool because you can see the hairs they put in and it looks like your hair is back! Unfortunately most of the new hair fall out which is normal and part of the process.After the healing is the boring part. It takes about 6 months to even start seeing anything as far as new growth. I was hoping that wouldn't be the case but I gotta say, your patience will pay off. Like I said, I'm about 7 months in and I cannot believe the difference. They showed me pictures from before the procedure and it is night and day! Dr. Rome told me I will see a lot more growth as well.I am so excited and happy that I decided to go through this procedure. It's something I wanted for some time and am really thankful I made the decision. I would 100% do this if you are on the fence and can afford it. I'm extremely happy with my results so far and look forward for more!Thank you Dr. Rome and all of the BSG staff for you help, hospitality, and support!
Michael Parker
Michael Parker
06:46 14 Oct 20
First off just wanna say thank you so much to Dr. Rome and his staff!! They are incredible and so welcoming which was such a nice feeling. I had been considering getting my hairline fixed for quite some time and after extensive research I found Barber Surgeons Guild. After my first consultation I knew they were the right fit. Dr. Rome and I saw eye to eye on exactly what I wanted and I couldn't be happier with my results!! I feel so much more confident in my look. It's exactly what I always wanted. The procedure was easy and painless. I was in and out within the same day. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!! I have actually already recommended a friend to them and after his consultation he got his procedure done as well. Thank y'all again!
10:21 01 Oct 20
From what I seen on their website and YouTube videos. This is a place where men come to get their confidence back. Which I was 100% sold and didn’t hesitate to give them a try. But from what I experienced, from the consultation it was a different imagine from what they make it seem on their website, videos and social media platforms. I was so excited and thrilled to be meeting with the doctor. But instead I got greeted by a lady who looked completely lost. My appointment was at 2pm I got their 20min early. The lady in the front desks was actually very nice and asked nicely to wait and take a seat. 2pm came and nothing, So I continued to wait. About 34mins past the time of my appointment I was finally taken care of. But that’s when everything went left. A lady name Janie greeted me and we went to a small little conference room. I told her I was so nervous because I’ve never been to a hair doctor before. I began to tell her what brings me here but she just kept interrupting me by giving me information that was different from what I saw on the website and correcting me like if she knows my life story and what I’m going through. She didn’t seem like the professional CSM since 2003 that supposedly she is. She made me feel extremely uncomfortable basically saying theirs no cure for me unless I do surgery. Which I was totally opened to. I came to find a perfect solution not just prp. She didn’t give me a chance to fully explain myself her tone was totally rude I should’ve gotten up and walked away. I was hoping to be talking to only the doctor but once he came in I was totally over being there. Once I got the chance to meet the doctor he didn’t take me to a proper professional examination room for patients, he just took a glimpse of my hair in the small low light conference room. I felt so humiliated by the poor professionalism. He clearly did not care, he just gave basic information and showed me the same pictures that are on his website. Then he just left and left me with the red headed lady to give me a quote. The price is not a problem for someone who’s been saving but it’s funny how she just wrote a random number on her notebook and didn’t even bother to look at me when she said the price. I had someone waiting for me outside and they noticed the level of unprofessionalism of the place. From the hidden location to the doctor walking in and out staying on his phone which he did not give me significant time to talk to me, like at all. Also nurses were just in and out. This is just not the right stop for men who want professional help by actual hair doctors. The modern feel of the place is just not it. I left home very sad with this whole experience not empowered at all. But yeah for all the men out there, don’t waste you’re time and just keep looking.
taylor gallion
taylor gallion
22:19 09 Mar 20
It’s been a year and 5 months since my procedure. I have lots of new hair growth where my hairline was receding. The staff are very friendly and informative. Might take one more procedure for ideal results but everything is good so far! Definitely helped my confidence.
Russ Taufa
Russ Taufa
19:28 07 Mar 20
From beginning to end, the process was seamless and easy to understand, and BSG delivered on what was promised. Would highly recommend Dr. Rome to anyone considering hair restoration.
Chris Bastidas
Chris Bastidas
20:41 03 Feb 20
Amazing place, amazing staff, and amazing service! This place feels like home with lots of positive energy! Everyone is friendly and makes you feel very comfortable! I give 10 out of 5 stars!
Anthony Ortiz
Anthony Ortiz
16:43 09 Jan 20
Love coming here to get my haircuts with Blake. Skilled, friendly, and very accommodating. I cant possibly recommend him or BSG enough. The entire staff is super friendly and knowledgeable. Atmosphere is upscale but very welcoming. Front desk staff are sweet and helpful. I literally won't go anywhere else. (Also try the cold brew, its unreal)
Crawford Peitso
Crawford Peitso
02:13 09 May 18
Best shave and a haircut in town. If more hair is what you need, they can help with that as well. Ask for a glass of the coldbrew coffee. It's great
Joseph Franco
Joseph Franco
03:06 07 Mar 18
Best barbershop in LA!!! I usually leave my haircuts pissed off, but after getting my hair cut by Adam, I felt like a million bucks. Highly recommend, great vibes and awesome staff.
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