Bokanova Dental Center Riviera Maya

Bokanova Dental Center Riviera Maya Playa Del Carmen

Bokanova Dental Center Riviera Maya est spécialisé en soins dentaires. Fondée en 2005, cette clinique certifiée American Dental Association est située à Playa Del Carmen, Mexique. Voir les avis clients, les photos avant/après et demandez le prix des opérations de chirurgie à l’étranger. Remplissez le formulaire pour un pré-diagnostic gratuit. Réponse rapide.

Bokanova Dental Center Riviera Maya, Playa Del Carmen, Mexique

Le Centre dentaire de Bokanova est l’une des meilleures cliniques dentaires du Mexique, offrant une expérience fiable et digne de confiance dans un environnement chic et moderne. Nous offrons à nos patients le même engagement en matière de soins dentaires de haute qualité que celui que nous avons pris depuis plus de 40 ans dans notre clinique sœur. L’équipe de professionnels s’engage à vous fournir les meilleurs soins dentaires, en utilisant les dernières innovations et les équipements dentaires les plus avancés technologiquement disponibles dans le monde entier, y compris les lasers thérapeutiques, la céphalographie numérique, la radiographie panoramique numérique et les scanners 3D à faisceau conique pour la chirurgie orale et les procédures d’implants dentaires. Toutes les procédures sont effectuées dans un environnement hygiénique et stérile en utilisant des matériaux de la plus haute qualité et des protocoles standardisés. Ils offrent une dentisterie holistique comprenant l’élimination des amalgames et des traitements sans métal à l’aide de résine, de porcelaine et de zircone. En tandem avec les laboratoires Reytek, et sont en mesure d’offrir des garanties internationales de 5 ans sur tous les travaux de céramique tels que les implants, les facettes et les couronnes. Dans le cas peu probable où il arriverait quelque chose à vos prothèses, elles seront réparées gratuitement – et comme Reytek est basé aux États-Unis, vous pouvez vous rendre chez n’importe quel dentiste aux États-Unis pour que cela soit arrangé.


Spécialité de la clinique :

Soins Dentaires
Radiographie dentaire
Dentiste pédiatrique
Scellant dentaire
Remplissage dentaire
Nettoyage dentaire
Rabotage des racines
Greffe du sinus
Scanner dentaire
Greffe de tissu gingival
Extraction dentaire
Protège-dents personnalisé
Reconstitution corono-radiculaire
Bagues dentaires
Traitement de l’abcès dentaire
Extraction dentaire
Hémisection dentaire
Greffe osseuse
Blanchissement dentaire
Extraction dents de sagesse
Traitement du canal radiculaire
Prothèse Inlays / Onlays
Couronne dentaire
Facette dentaire
Bridge dentaire
Implant dentaire
Appareil dentaire
Consultation en dentisterie esthétique
Bilan dentaire
Consultation en dentisterie


Services +

Transfert de l’aéroport
Logement familial
Réservation du vol
Wifi gratuit
Réservation d’hotel
Services d’interprétation
Guide touristique
Réservation de taxi
Transfert de dossiers médicaux
Assurance Voyage médicale
Chambres accessible PMR
Consultation par internet
Téléphone dans la chambre
Chambres privées
Installations religieuses
Précautions alimentaires
Services de traduction
TV dans la chambre

Ville : Playa Del Carmen – Pays : Mexique – Fondé en 2005 
Accréditation : American Dental Association – Langue(s) parlée(s) : Anglais, Français, Italien, Russe, Espagnol

Avis de Bokanova Riviera Maya

16:14 11 Oct 20
Such a professional service and on Personal levelFrom Elizabeth in the front to the Amazing Team of Dentists, Thank you for making me feel safe and comfortable. Continue work being done with Dr Esteban ,definitely receive a strong recommendation.
Craig Sampson
Craig Sampson
19:45 09 Oct 20
Excellent service and wonderful practice. Very professional and reasonably priced as well. Would highly recommend this dental practice to anyone in need of dental care.
Theo Griscti
Theo Griscti
19:45 09 Oct 20
Always professional and friendly staff with good english, clean, high tech equipment. I have been living and doing Real estate here for 6 years now and as I am from Canada I have high standards and my expectations have been exceeded
Karolina T
Karolina T
19:39 09 Oct 20
I was advise there to make implant instead of tooth crown despite of my malocclusion. Dental plate made my malocclusion even more visible. I had to make another treatment in my home country. But because of implant its more complicated adn expensive. Like usually money (implant is more expensive) are more important.
19:03 09 Oct 20
Bokanova is awesome . I had a crown put in effortlessly for the price that was fantastic and today I had a veneer done for my front chipped tooth.These guys are amazing.You got to love this office and playa Del Carmen dentistry. The money I saved on the work vs the US paid my entire trip! I’ve had dentists in both NYC, LA, and SF; and these guys win, both in the unsurpassed quality and cost !Wow.Brian C
Susan Sykes
Susan Sykes
22:10 04 Mar 20
Dr. Estaban is the kind of medical expert and perfectionist you want to take care of your teeth. I just got a new veneer and am MUY FELIZ! I am a California state retiree and have very good dental insurance in the states; however, I prefer the skill level and efficiency of Dr. Estaban and his staff. Oh, and a BIG thanks as well to the experienced and very polite staff!
ryanthelionnnn .
ryanthelionnnn .
21:03 18 Feb 20
I have had multiple visits since November’19 and Haven’t had anything but positive experiences. Everyone is very kind and accommodating, even when I had a little panic attack about having 6 route canals in one day, the staff put my mind at ease and all procedures went seamlessly. Most or all the work they do is 70-80% cheaper than Canada, but the quality doesn’t suffer whatsoever. By the end, I will have had:-a cleaning-whitening-6 (or more) route canals-fillings -an extraction- a bone graft-an implant -10 crowns-4 veneersAll of which would’ve been over 60k back home for somebody without insurance (me).
Patricia Carey
Patricia Carey
18:19 16 Feb 20
On the recommendation of an American dentist, resident of Playa del Carmen, l ventured with some angst to this clinic to seek consultation regarding a TMJ concern. My positive experience was so successful. The dentists are more than qualified, speak English without hesitation, are part of a larger base of specialists, equipment is state of the art and everything is as clean as “at home.”Should you need dental work while here you may want to visit this clinic.
Kathy Skretkowicz
Kathy Skretkowicz
17:20 07 Feb 20
Dr Esteban is a professional. Truly appreciate his attention. Had a crown without any issues. Mucho Gracias. As well Elizabeth was so proactive in accommodating our time/vacation schedule. Will always. recommend as a Canadian tourist. Gracias. "
Tashina Lally
Tashina Lally
23:51 22 Nov 19
I highly recommend Bokanova! Dr. Esteban and his team were incredibly friendly, accommodating, and understanding. I originally came to have a broken tooth fixed with a crown, and they discovered that my root canals also needed work done soon. They booked me in immediately for the extra work, and I got all the treatments done by the end of my trip! They consulted me on the best dental procedures for my situation and helped me come up with a treatment plan for the future as well. I couldn't be happier! Thank you so much!
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