Dr. Otto Placik Body Sculptor

Dr. Otto Placik Body Sculptor Chicago

Dr. Otto Placik Body Sculptor est spécialisé en chirurgie esthétique. Fondée en 1996, cette clinique certifiée The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery est située à Chicago, États-Unis. Voir les avis clients, les photos avant/après et demandez le prix des opérations de chirurgie à l’étranger. Remplissez le formulaire pour un pré-diagnostic gratuit. Réponse rapide.

Dr. Otto Placik Body Sculptor, Chicago, États-Unis

Le Dr Otto Placik est un chirurgien plastique certifié par le conseil d’administration de Chicago qui a aidé des milliers d’hommes et de femmes à rajeunir, restaurer et améliorer leur corps et leur visage. Reconnu comme un véritable artiste dans le domaine de la chirurgie plastique, le Dr Placik va au-delà des soins aux patients, en se concentrant sur la création d’un résultat naturel et attrayant. Le Dr Placik est considéré comme un « Super Docteur » et est souvent sollicité par les médias pour discuter des dernières innovations en matière de chirurgie plastique. Nous vous invitons à visiter notre centre de chirurgie moderne et à rencontrer notre équipe sympathique. Chez Body Sculptor, vous ne serez jamais « juste un autre patient » – nous sommes profondément engagés envers chaque patient et faisons tout notre possible pour que votre expérience soit positive, du début à la fin. Nous nous engageons à assurer la sécurité, la santé et le confort des patients, ainsi que de beaux résultats dans tous les aspects de notre pratique.


Spécialité de la clinique :

Chirurgie Esthétique
Augmentation mammaire
Lifting des seins
Reconstruction mammaire
Réduction mammaire
Réduction du mamelon
Implants mammaires
Transfert de graisse
Lifting du corps
Lifting brésilien
Chirurgie post-accouchement
Lifting des cuisses
Lifting des sourcils
Extraction de graisse buccale
Lifting cervico-facial
Lifting du cou
Chirurgie des fossettes
Réduction du capuchon clitoridien
Injections de Botox
Remplissage cutané

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Ville : Chicago – Pays : États-Unis – Fondé en 1996 
Accréditation : The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery – Langue(s) parlée(s) : Anglais

Avis de Dr. Otto Placik

Hope Stroud
Hope Stroud
12:58 17 Sep 20
Very happy with my results. Staff was warm and responsive. My favorite part of my experience was working with Dr. Placik. I was very nervous about having my surgery. He has a very calming and compassionate demeanor about him. He even held my hand as I was going under anesthesia. Very happy with the whole experience.
Florence Melton
Florence Melton
16:14 01 Sep 20
Dr. Placik and his team are absolutely fantastic! Extremely professional and experts in the field. Highly recommend you consider this place for all your skincare needs!
Jane D. Cramer
Jane D. Cramer
08:08 26 Aug 20
Dr. Otto is amazing! It was the first time in my life that Botox injections were completely pain free!
Ruth Rivera
Ruth Rivera
04:33 22 Aug 20
Dr Otoo and his team are all amazing. I've been into the office multiple times and all have been a pleasant experience. Dr Otto is very accommodating and modest when it comes to his work. He is definitely not the type of doctor to push unnecessary procedures on you, which I can appreciate. One of the best!
Matilde Maldonado
Matilde Maldonado
14:51 13 Aug 20
Dr. Otto was very professional, a good listener and provided me with excellent service for my medical condition. The doctor is extremely personable which made it easy to talk to him. He made me feel very comfortable in opening up regarding my medical condition.
Dyana Wodzinski
Dyana Wodzinski
04:29 04 Aug 20
I couldn’t have picked a better Doctor And staff for a life changing experience. After my two children, I had a condition that made my abdominals split, also with hundred lb weight loss with first child and 80 with second, I just couldn’t get my stomach to be what it used to. I was very insecure about it and quite honestly it made me so sad to see how hard I was working and accomplishing my weight loss after my children, but looking at my excess skin that I couldn’t really do anything about. Thanks to Dr.Placik I’m comfortable infront of my own husband now and I can look in the mirror without being sad and not liking myself. One of the best decisions Iv made in my life. I’m almost two months post op and I feel great. I will forever recommend and refer anyone to Dr.Placik and his staff. I can’t express how lucky I feel to have found such a great doctor with such honest and genuine energy. This man was gifted with hands that were meant to do what they’re doing. He’s forever changed my life and quite honestly might have saved it from being in a state of a mental rut. He will be a huge memory in my life and I’m so happy to have made that memory. Thank you for giving me a part of myself I lost. Thank you for dealing with my anxiety that came with a huge decision. I can keep the thank you list going because of how well taken care of I was and still am. Thank you. Thank you.
abbie balderas
abbie balderas
23:59 01 Aug 20
Going into my first consultation for my rhinoplasty I was extremely nervous and hesitant, I knew my nose had been an insecurity for me my whole life but didn’t know if I would feel safe enough to go through with the whole procedure. When i stepped in the office, i was greeted with a smile from every single person! Dr.Placik was patient, kind, and so comforting. Leaving the appointment i knew i was in good hands! The day of my surgery I truly had no nerves, because I trusted the team of people there to perform the procedure. Recovery was very easy, lots of resting but only felt like a cold with a stuffed nose! Almost painless, seriously! My rhinoplasty has CHANGED my life. I’m so much more confident and my self esteem has completely changed, I have no regrets whatsoever. My nose looks so natural and everyone i tell says they would have never known! Finding Dr.Placik was truly a blessing and i’m forever grateful!♥️
Cindy Castro
Cindy Castro
15:41 31 Jul 20
I was young when I had my first child it changed my stomach I was left with saggy skin & separated muscles and ever since I haven't been comfortable with my body and I've always been so insecure about myself because of it. When my doc said only surgery would be the answer to fix my stomach, I started googling and searching for doctors and always came across Dr.Placik this was before IG, cue years later and Ive saved up money and courage to finally do this for my self. I came across Dr.Placik page I've always loved his work and seeing his personality and how awesome he was I decided to schedule my consultation, right away I knew he was the right person.I love how he educates and goes in detail with everything and he knew exactly what to recommend me and he listened and makes you feel comfortable! The staff at arlighton heights office are all really friendly. I scheduled my appointment for surgery the next day, then the pandemic happened and it was postponed, Sheila one of the staff members was so communicative through out the process and friendly through out everything. The day of surgery finally came it went so well I was so nervous but the nurses and DR made me feel calm. The day after surgery Dr.Placik office called to check on me I thought this was nice. My first week of healing I needed so much help but the pain was tolerable I didn't take any drugs after the surgery and to this day I haven't =) some items that came in handy were a walker, toilet riser, recliner, call bell. I used these the first 3 weeks so helpful. At 3 weeks I was able to stand fully. I started a cleaner diet right away, macro counted based and started exercising as Laura approved =) I'm following a program to help maintain this new bod (ig:nikizoub- mom body program) =) During this healing process I've had so much help from Dr.Placiks assistant Laura she has been my go to and I love I was able to text her when I had questions no matter the time, holiday, or weekend that meant so much she is such a gem and her personality is infectious! I am truly so happy to have chosen Dr.Placik, he is amazing amazing and his office and staff! I would recommend him to anyone and everyone. I already had so many compliments and I am so proud when I say Dr.Placik is my surgeon =) Thank You again DR. Placik and Laura for making this experience smooth and giving me the best results. Im only 2 months post excited to see when I fully heal.
Taylor Upton
Taylor Upton
18:10 24 Jul 20
Dr Placik is by far one of the most educated, qualified, professional, and patient-centered plastic surgeons I’ve ever met! My experience as a client with Dr Placik and his staff was very impressive compared to the many other surgical offices I’ve been to before. Dr Placik made me feel very comfortable despite the anxiety that comes along with having plastic surgery. He did a fantastic job of verbally and artistically educating me about how and why he wanted to do the procedure(s), in order to give me the most out of what I was hoping to achieve. Dr Placik was very attentive to my concerns and needs, exceeded any & all expectations, as well as did so much more than execute the intended job-- he gave me the confidence that I had felt my physical form was holding me back from experiencing! I am so thankful for my experience with Dr Placik & will most definitely return in the future if & when I decide I want help achieving a certain aesthetic. As superficial as the world of plastic surgery can be, Dr Placik delivered a service that has allowed me to feel and embrace my most naturally- beautiful and unique self!!
Alexis Montemayor
Alexis Montemayor
22:45 02 Jul 20
I posted an honest review on yelp stating that I was a previous patient and was not happy with the results at all . When I called they were very rude When I posted the review she called back and all of a sudden was super nice and made an appointment with me . After I took down the review because I thought I would atleast try with a consultation . A week after I took down the review the notified me that they canceled my appointment and to seek advice form another dr
Jenna Krueger
Jenna Krueger
14:58 30 May 20
My cousin had the best experience start to finish. She looks natural and perfectly proportionate from having a breast augmentation. I enjoyed meeting Dr Placik with her he was really detailed and listened to exactly what she wanted to achieve. I would highly recommend him as he’s like family. What a wonderful doctor!!
Gretchen T
Gretchen T
18:10 20 May 20
I never write reviews, but I just had to write one to explain my experience with Dr. Placik. I had a labiaplasty done in Europe a couple of years ago, but it was botched. I felt very self conscious and did not know which plastic surgeon to choose for my reconstruction. As I was doing my research,I realized that Dr. Placik had a lot of great reviews and I decided to schedule a consultation with him. During my consultation, I felt very comfortable and he answered all of my questions. He did not rush and explained the whole process of the surgery. His staff was also very welcoming. I felt really good after the consultation and decided to proceed with the surgery. (I had consultations with three other plastic surgeons in the Chicagoland area and knew they were not right for me). It has been two months and the results are amazing. I have never been more happy and confident. I did not think I could find a surgeon who would do such a great job at reconstructing my botched labiaplasty and he did it. He has a lot of experience, knowledge and I trust him. I give him the highest recommendation possible. Schedule a consultation with him without any hesitation. YOU will not regret it. Thank you Dr. Placik!
Marisa Mulh
Marisa Mulh
16:56 21 Feb 20
Obsessed. The best. Look no further. Dr Placik and his amazing team are miracle workers. I am beyond thrilled with my results. Not to mention my recovery was incredible. I never had any pain. I almost felt like I didn’t have surgery — except for the fact that my results are beyond my expectations. I am so happy!
Jay C.
Jay C.
21:53 06 Feb 20
Dr. Placik and his staff are the BEST! I’ve had several procedures, both evasive and non-evasive and they treat you with the same care, dedication, and concern no matter the procedure. They listen and understand your individual needs and expectations. I recently had some under eye filler and after a week realized I needed a little more before a big event. Usually, you have to book months out to see him, but they were able to squeeze me in at lunchtime so that I could feel my best for my big day. Dr. Placik has an excellent way of making you feel important and he is so easy to hold a conversation with that you feel like your hanging out with a friend. If you’re looking for the best, then you need not look any further. Why trust anyone with your body who isn’t the best? Book your appointment early, as sometimes it takes time to get in to see him; it’s to be expected when you’re seeing one of the best. It’s your body, it’s worth the wait. 😉
Charles Glenn
Charles Glenn
20:16 11 Dec 19
I recently went there for a consultation. Dr. Placik and his team were great every step of the way, from consult to after care. Friendly and gave me all the information I needed up front and so I could make a good decision. This is the Dr. you want.
Guertin Ashley
Guertin Ashley
20:57 09 Dec 19
I recently underwent a breast reduction performed by Dr. Otto. From my first consultation, he was so friendly and immediately made me feel comfortable. The surgery went so smoothly and the recovery was a breeze. I couldn't be happier with my results and would definitely recommend Dr. Otto to anyone for any procedure.
Jeanne Olga
Jeanne Olga
19:46 08 Dec 19
Dr. Placik and his staff were amazing!!! I was new to the plastic surgery world and he and the staff were all very knowledgeable, kind & made my experience well worth it!! I'm extremely happy with my results & I would definitely recommend him:)
jackie s
jackie s
18:10 27 Aug 19
Dr. Placik and his entire office staff are absolutely amazing!!!! Only if every medical experience could be as great as the one I had with this team. Keep up the fantastic work everyone. Highly Recommend!!! Dr. Placik is truly naturally talented and his bedside manners are phenomenal. Since my first consult to my follow up appointments everyone and everything has been A+. A huge thanks to all of you.
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