Fortis Hospital Bangalore

Fortis Hospital Bangalore Bangalore

Fortis Hospital Bangalore est spécialisé en soins dentaires, chirurgie esthétique et PMA / FIV. Fondée en 2006, cette clinique certifiée JCI Accredited, NABH est située à Bangalore, Inde. Voir les avis clients, les photos avant/après et demandez le prix des opérations de chirurgie à l’étranger. Remplissez le formulaire pour un pré-diagnostic gratuit. Réponse rapide.

Fortis Hospital Bangalore, Bangalore, Inde

Fortis Hospital Bangalore dispose de 276 lits dans un établissement moderne bien équipé avec la combinaison idéale de personnes, de processus et de technologie qui garantit les meilleurs services de soins de santé disponibles à tous ceux qui en ont besoin. C’est le premier hôpital du Karnataka à être accrédité par la Joint Commission International (JCI) – la référence en matière de normes mondiales de soins de santé, en 2008 ; mais aussi le premier à être réaccrédité. L’hôpital offre des services de soins tertiaires super-spécialisés dans une quarantaine de spécialités telles que la cardiologie, la chirurgie cardiaque, l’orthopédie, la neurochirurgie, l’urologie, etc.


Spécialité de la clinique :

Soins Dentaires
Appareil dentaire
Bilan dentaire
Implant dentaire

Chirurgie Esthétique
Implants mammaires
Reconstruction mammaire
Réduction mammaire
Lifting des sourcils
Lifting des fesses
Lifting cervico-facial
Traitement des rides

FIV – Fécondation in vitro
Éclosion assistée PMA
Préservation de la fertilité
ICSI – Injection intra-cytoplasmique de spermatozoïde
Consultation en FIV
Collecte de sperme

Services +

Transfert de l’aéroport
Logement familial
Wifi gratuit
Journaux internationaux
Transfert de dossiers médicaux
Chambres accessible PMR
Téléphone dans la chambre
Chambres privées
Précautions alimentaires
TV dans la chambre

Ville : Bangalore – Pays : Inde – Fondé en 2006 
Accréditation : JCI Accredited, NABH – Langue(s) parlée(s) : Anglais, Hindi

Avis de Fortis Hospital 

Sudhir Shippy
Sudhir Shippy
03:47 16 Sep 20
Very fast and quick service . Genuine .Appreciate the efforts taken by all staff and their boss. Doctor educated regarding important dos and don'ts of handling a mask during pandemic. Keep up the good work.
Asif Ahmed
Asif Ahmed
06:51 14 Sep 20
My friend is admitted in the hospital and they have taken good care but as there is a pandemic going on people has to take care of small things like keeping the hand sanitizer,every door step maintaining the social distance inside lift,
Balasubramanya Ranga Rao
Balasubramanya Ranga Rao
06:54 09 Sep 20
Had a good experience with the Hospital. Looked after very well even though charges are on the higher side. They have a good team of Doctors who will be attending the patients at a short notice. Good experience all in all and looked after kindly.
Kiledar Singh
Kiledar Singh
05:26 08 Sep 20
I had great experience at Fortis Hospital-Bannerghatta roadand grateful that I have chosen Fortis for immigration medical checkup.The competency of staff was awe inspiring. Thank you, Fortis team, for your prompt response to my urgent call and for medical checkup you have provided to me. I express my wholehearted appreciation for your care and professional attention you have provided to my medical checkup starting from appointment.
Sayantan Karmahapatra
Sayantan Karmahapatra
04:50 03 Aug 20
Very bad experience I gain here.. I'm staying here with my pt for 1week .. If you see outside you can't find any problem.. When you'll admit your PT then you'll know .. Main thing is for treatment only we're coming here . so when we pressing the room bell for any enquaries or any help from sister they're coming after 30 min & without cleaning problem they're cleaning the bell which I've pressed .. They're not conscious about pt medication also .. Why we've to inform them now is there any medicine..really very bad nursing stuff.. & it's a strap for money collection.. We're providing money for treatment only bt here you'll not get it. By seeing building don't come here
Karthik Kari
Karthik Kari
10:06 24 Jul 20
The fortis is one Of the best hospital in our area. That comes under the branch of bannergatta road. In this hospital there are the best feature compare to other hospitals. And here the doctors, staffs, and who works are very kind hearted .
syed aga
syed aga
07:55 23 Jul 20
Recently I was admitted to Fortis hospital for my Gall bladder surgery. Dr Shabeer Ahmed (Senior Consultant surgeon for Intestinal/laparoscopic surgery) did a fantastic job. My surgery was successful completed roughly in an hour's time with full anesthesia. I was able to walk within few hours of my surgery without much pain . I was discharged the following day of my surgery. I would like to thank the Fortis staff for being helpful and caring (Surgeon's, doctors, nurses,room maintenance staff and all the health care workers) Thank you keep up the good work 😊🙏
Divakar Reddy
Divakar Reddy
06:58 14 Jul 20
It's been 15 years now me and my family are coming to Fortis hospital for all our health related issues. It's always a great experience here as the hospital team in every department are so helpful and very much organised system. Recently my dad went through a surgery and it was again a good experience with the urology department doctors. Fortis hospital doctors have always helped my family with our health issues. Would definitely recommend anyone to come here for any health related issues. They also have oncology department now open for cancer treatments.
Prakash K.N
Prakash K.N
06:21 11 Jul 20
Nursing, house keeping and food services are good. Especially food very tasty. Authorities may post nurses exclusively for each patient's so that they can communicate patients problems to Doctors immediately
Vijay Santosh
Vijay Santosh
06:43 06 Jul 20
Fortis hospital-Bannerghatta Road is one of the best hospital in Bangalore. They have all latest equipments with newest technology in hospital. The staff's and doctors are so kind and very helpful. Recently I went for my leg finger surgery and they have done surgery very neatly and my leg finger is now perfect aligned. It's like our family hospital. We use to make a visit for all kind of consultant and treatment. I wish all the best for all the doctors and other staffs. Hope this service will keep continuing in future
vik Hs
vik Hs
06:33 27 Jun 20
Experience by a DISAPPOINTED DOCTOR. This is the worst hospital ever. We had taken a covid suspected patient for testing and treatment after they agreed to treat. Afte the test result came out positive (result was out in an hour) they told us to admit the patient ( though he was stable and mildly symptomatic, with little cough)They told us it would cost 1-1.5lakh per day. We asked them 5 minutes time to discuss. After discussing we told them to admit as they created unwanted panic!After a while, they came to us and told they will not admit as there were no beds. So we arranged an ambulance to shift the patient to another hospital. Before the ambulance reached, they started shouting at us to go to government hospital if we cannot afford. We were waiting for ambulance and it was bit delayed as it was 1 am The staff behaved very badly and insulted the attenders. I would never go or refer any patient to this hospital.
Gopinath Gopalan
Gopinath Gopalan
04:37 22 Jun 20
Fortis Hospital NC certified UK visa Canada other countries working visa medical approval hospital. Indias one of the best mutli speciality hospital. OT with hight sophisticated equipment aligned with SRL diagnostics covid and HIV hepatitis testing. Today senario is covid 19 situations doctors not physically touching patients only patients though cleared covid 19 test negative. They can touch and do operations. Mainly safety for Every one involved chloroform surgery medicine and nurse much more. I have done my labroscopic here. Bit expensive but quality and care is good. They have food and dieticians to monitor patients health. Nurse round the clock. 🏥 Hospital taking care. Diffrent bed types twin sharing individuals suits depends on your liquidity. Main door covid checking insurances services available. Car parking back side of the Building. Doctor well experienced well technically strong. ......I strongly recommend it....jai Hind
Anil Vijayan
Anil Vijayan
04:37 07 Mar 20
All facilitate available with ultra modern medical machines. Expert doctors are there for service. It's a towards higher side of the bracket when it comes to expenses. The hosptial staffs are well mannered. It's better to consult doctors during week days as it's too rushy on Saturdays and Sundays..
BJK Chowdary
BJK Chowdary
15:49 29 Feb 20
Best Hospital in Bangalore.Doctors and staff are very caring and supportive. Chemo day care and wards was well maintained. Good, water, coffee tea everything served to the room and the attendee can concentrate on the patient.My special thanks to Chemo Docters and Sisters for caring and will have smile on the face always from start to discharge.Really appreciate their service. Room cleanliness is maintained and everyday bedsheets are changed.Hospital is taking care of everything about patient and attendee. Hospital Billing, Insurance, Customer care staff are very good and thank you for all your Support.
Sarang Pande
Sarang Pande
05:52 11 Sep 19
I had a great experience throughout my treatment at Fortis hospital Bannerghatta Road.The entire process from start to finish was fabulous! And I'm not saying this because just like that! I've had multiple surgeries here and my family members have also been treated by Fortis Hospital.I think this is one of the best hospitals in Bangalore and especially south Bangalore.Food for patients is also good. A special mention for the canteen at Fortis. It's amazing! Really good food for the family members at reasonable prices. The doctors, housekeeping and nursing staff are amazing too.And most importantly the hospital is neat, clean and well maintained.I would recommend this hospital to everyone, especially if you stay in South Bangalore!Hope you like my review!If you found this review helpful please leave a like.
Harsha V
Harsha V
08:48 22 Feb 19
Exellent service
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