KPJ Penang

KPJ Penang Penang

KPJ Penang est spécialisé en chirurgie esthétique. Fondée en 1995, cette clinique certifiée JCI Accredited est située à Penang, Malaisie. Voir les avis clients, les photos avant/après et demandez le prix des opérations de chirurgie à l’étranger. Remplissez le formulaire pour un pré-diagnostic gratuit. Réponse rapide.

KPJ Penang, Penang, Malaisie

KPJ Penang (APSH), qui fait partie de KPJ Healthcare Bhd, se trouve juste au-dessus du pont de l’île principale de Penang et à 24 km de George Town. Ayant obtenu l’accréditation JCI en 2013, l’hôpital adhère aux normes les plus élevées en matière de qualité et de soins. Il accueille de nombreuses unités spécialisées, notamment en cardiologie, dentisterie, dermatologie, ORL, chirurgie générale, ophtalmologie, orthopédie et une clinique de bien-être.



Spécialité de la clinique :

Chirurgie Esthétique

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Ville : Penang – Pays : Malaisie – Fondé en 1995 
Accréditation : JCI Accredited – Langue(s) parlée(s) : Anglais, Malais

Avis de KPJ Penang Specialist Hospital

ham hamizin
ham hamizin
13:17 25 Aug 20
i havent been to this hospital for almost 1 year plus now. my asthma almost totally cured. used to get admitted frequently under Dr Mustafa kamal care from 2015 till 2018. He is the respiratory consultant there. i was 140 kg weight. in 2018 i was admitted in icu, almost intubated. Somehow (Allah is great) i pulled thru. Dr Mustafa advise me to adhere to all medications and start excercise .. slowly and control my diet. now i am 65 kg. no more admissions since january 2018. the last sentence from dr mustafa before i was discharged really touched me ..." kakak insyallah kakak akan selamat cuma kakak kena tolong diri kakak untuk turun berat badan... kakak boleh... saya doa kita sama doa".... Alhamdulillah , i would say i am free from Asthma and morbid obesity. Thank you Dr Mustafa. Thank you Allah.
Palamugilan Lachmanan
Palamugilan Lachmanan
19:44 14 Aug 20
Unacceptable behaviour from the staff and the doctor, my cousin meet in accident and had a clavicle fracture,These fractures consist of being in the middle of the clavicle. This is the most common type of collarbone injury, accounting for about 80% of all clavicle fractures, and can be treated without surgery. Unfortunately the situation doesn't favour my cousin, where the doctor showed an x-ray of the clavicle and explained that need to be surgery immediately,as my cousin doesnt even understand the explanation and the circumstance of the recovery,they force him to do a surgery and also force him to sign the papers(concern letter), He is in dilemma.The clavicle is simply displaced and is stable because the ligaments are holding the collarbone in place, they advise the the insurance company already approved and agreed for the payment, it ridiculous as it is saturday, the GL only will be approved on monday, and how the heck does KPJ Penang knows the charges up infront, such a false statement to advise the patient.. he is in pain how could he possibly know his condition, when he opt out for operation, the doctor said we dont have option for bedrest unless he agrees for an operation..the he would be warded.. what on the earth is going here, cant the patient be warded or admitted for further check up pertaining to the injuries?? Why pushing the patients out if they wanted to be admitted for medication purpose?? Such a worst service, not being professionals..not worthy
Sylwenphyr R
Sylwenphyr R
18:11 08 Aug 20
Brought my 4 months old baby to the emergency department cause he was behaving unusually and showing extreme signs of discomfort (non-stop crying loudly).They did a scan on the heart rate and blood pressure but no physical examination then the emergency doctor advised painkillers. No need to identify source of issue or weight my baby to know what is the dosage or even ask about any allergies? Rejected this since there is no basis for it.The staff then requested for the paeds specialist on-call for this case.So we waited... More than an hour later we were informed the specialist was still at home... Seriously???
Dietmar Schaich
Dietmar Schaich
22:58 02 Jul 20
KPJ Hospital in Penang, is a perfect choice when you don't feel you well.I go there for a Heart check up and for a Gastroscopy.Because my Symptoms was A Pressure on my Stomach and a burning too.Dr.Ooi he is really a specialist for that. I want say thank you so much also to the Stuff. Very friendly . Dr. Ooi, take time for you and let you know in all details what he want to do .To find out what is the Problem. He do a Gastroscopy to check the Stomach. And also he do a Echo EKG, Stress EKG to check my Heart. So finally is all good. Nothing serious.I feel me there in very good Hand's.Thank you so much!
Joker Joker
Joker Joker
07:15 22 Jun 20
Worst experience, focus on money and not at all in terms of treating a patient. They have more than enough of suggestion boxes scattered all over, but it you leave your suggestions with your contact, they will not reply to your suggestions at all. Hope google have zero star option so I can rate this hospital '0' , anyone wish to get this hospital services, please do view google reviews and decide accordingly. Government Hospitals which is near to F.O.C in terms of charges for Malaysian citizens will definitely provide you with better services compared to this so called 'Specialist Hospital'.
Vic .
Vic .
12:27 19 Mar 20
I have breathing problem. I make appointment, come here to see the doctor. Doctor wants to go home and asks me to go away. The doctor's name is Mustapha Kamal.
Zainal Abidin
Zainal Abidin
09:14 23 Jan 20
Disuruh balik jam 2.30 ambil hasil. Sampai pukul 6.00 dokter pulang, tidak dipanggil2. Kembali esok.
Jai Kamaruddin
Jai Kamaruddin
03:50 04 Jan 20
Terrible service!Very slow in responding. Asked nurse to change the bed sheet but it took them 20 minutes(after three reminders!) to change it. It took them 3 hours for discharging process. Three bloody hours!! We need to follow up many, many times with the staff and they just said have some pending matters with insurance side but yet they take no initiative to follow up regularly with insurance PIC to make it done in timely fashion. Not just that. I went to their improper parking lot to get into my car and a COBRA just past through a meter away from my feet. Please remove the word specialist from your hospital.
Layla Norela
Layla Norela
05:38 24 Dec 19
Lampu tidak berfungsi selepas keluaq lobby jln menuju ke pking
Shyam Hamzah
Shyam Hamzah
04:22 06 Jun 17
Rumah Sakit yang bagus sekali. bisa bawa ramai- ramai ke Penang berobat. ada perkhidmatan antar jemput & penginapan Gratis. Ayo warga Indonesia! 🙂
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