Medeor 24×7 Hospital Dubai

Medeor 24x7 Hospital Dubai Dubai

Medeor 24×7 Hospital Dubai est spécialisé en soins dentaires, chirurgie esthétique et PMA / FIV. Fondée en 2014, cette clinique certifiée JCI Accredited est située à Dubai, Emirats Arabes Unis. Voir les avis clients, les photos avant/après et demandez le prix des opérations de chirurgie à l’étranger. Remplissez le formulaire pour un pré-diagnostic gratuit. Réponse rapide.

Medeor 24×7 Hospital Dubai, Dubai, Emirats Arabes Unis

Medeor 24×7 Hospital Dubai offre un nouveau concept de soins de santé – un hôpital familial multispécialisé qui prend les meilleurs principes de l’industrie hôtelière et les combine avec des installations médicales de pointe, des équipements de diagnostic et un personnel trié sur le volet, pour atteindre de nouveaux sommets en matière d’excellence des soins de santé. Il est équipé de salles d’urgence et de pharmacies sur place afin de garantir que les patients puissent recevoir les soins dont ils ont besoin. L’hôpital compte 100 lits et 85 salles de traitement, ainsi que plus de 20 départements médicaux, notamment d’orthopédie, de neurologie, de cardiologie, de gynécologie, de médecine interne, de chirurgie générale et d’urologie.


Spécialité de la clinique :

Soins Dentaires
Greffe osseuse
Appareil dentaire
Bridge dentaire
Bilan dentaire
Couronne dentaire
Scanner dentaire
Implant dentaire
Reconstitution corono-radiculaire
Consultation en dentisterie
Extraction dentaire
Bridge dentaire sur implants
Prothèse hybride sur implants
Prothèse Inlays / Onlays
Traitement d’un kyste dentaire
Dentiste pédiatrique
Bagues dentaires
Traitement du canal radiculaire
Résection apicale
Rabotage des racines
Greffe du sinus
Nettoyage dentaire
Blanchissement dentaire
Prothèse dentaire provisoire
Traitement de l’abcès dentaire
Extraction dentaire
Remplissage dentaire
Scellant dentaire
Extraction dents de sagesse
Implant zygomatique

Chirurgie Esthétique
Lifting des sourcils
Greffe de peau
Lifting du cou
Contour du front
Capsulotomie mammaire
Lifting des cuisses
Lifting des fesses
Réparation fente labio-palatine
Réattribution sexuelle (Homme vers Femme)
Reconstruction de la machoire
Reconstruction mammaire
Lifting du corps
Lifting brésilien
Augmentation mammaire
Implants mammaires
Lifting des seins
Réduction mammaire
Extraction de graisse buccale
Implants fessiers
Implants de mollets
Remplissage cutané
Chirurgie des fossettes
Lifting cervico-facial
Transfert de graisse
Augmentation des lèvres
Traitement des cicatrices
Traitement des varices
Traitement des rides

Insémination artificielle
Évaluation de la fertilité
Echographie folliculaire
Test hormonal
FIV – Fécondation in vitro
Consultation en FIV
Consultation en médecine reproductive

Services +

Transfert de l’aéroport
Wifi gratuit
Réservation d’hotel
Services d’interprétation
Transfert de dossiers médicaux
Chambres accessible PMR
Téléphone dans la chambre
Chambres privées
Précautions alimentaires
Services de traduction
TV dans la chambre

Ville : Dubai – Pays : Emirats Arabes Unis – Fondé en 2014 
Accréditation : JCI Accredited – Langue(s) parlée(s) : Arabe, Anglais, Français, Hindi, Russe

Avis de Medeor 24×7 Hospital, Dubai

Sonia Pereira
Sonia Pereira
09:35 18 Nov 20
I have recently been to the dental department in Medeor and visited Dr. Benjamin Samuel.He is very professional and puts the patient at ease. He constantly checks while performing any procedure whether the patient is feeling okay or has any discomfort. His work is very good. I have previously also done various procedures and never needed to worry about the same issue again. He always gives the correct advise and correct diagnosis and ensures that there is no waste of time, effort, pain or money. I have recommended many of my friends and relatives to Dr. Benjamin and they also have had a good experience.
Haris Mohd
Haris Mohd
13:19 08 Nov 20
Extremely happy with the service we were provided. The team headed by Dr. Elizabeth Mathew (Gynecologist) and Dr. Asma Patel (Anesthesiologist) along with the other Doctors and supporting staff did an amazing job when my wife had to check in for her preterm delivery. There were complications during the labor but the Doctors and Staff were exceptionally supportive and understanding. The care they provided post delivery during our stay at the hospital is also commendable. Really grateful to the entire team. Keep up the good work!
Maariyah Aleem
Maariyah Aleem
10:40 29 Oct 20
I’ve been going for physiotherapy with Dr. Meryl for quite sometime now and I must say that he is one of the best doctor who has always encouraged me and worked with me to get better. The way he cheered me up when I achieved something really motivated me to get better. Also I would like to add that the physiotherapy department has the best and very responsive staff and I’m very thankful to all of them for being very communicative and helpful throughout the way.
Shalini Mathew
Shalini Mathew
05:31 13 Oct 20
Great experience as a first timer. Dr. Sajimol is incredible. Not only has she taken great care of my health, but also she is lovely to speak with at every appointment. It’s rare to find a doctor that combines such personal touches and care for a patient. Also, the nurses are very friendly and professional. I highly recommend her to anyone!
Alan Aranha
Alan Aranha
16:58 01 Oct 20
Honestly if it wasn't close to my house I myself would not go here. There is no proper system. I was told to come as a walk-in even though I tried calling in advance to book an appointment as I don't like waiting in a hospital in these times. When I reached the reception they told me the test will be done in 10 to 15 mins depending on the nurse availability. It eventually took them an hour. Apparently there was only one nurse on duty at that time which the reception staff didn't communicate when i first got there. Finally the nurse was rude and very rough. The nasal swab was put in so roughly that my nostril was bleeding. Would not recommend this hospital unless it's an absolute emergency.
Anuradha Sarvarth
Anuradha Sarvarth
10:39 28 Sep 20
We had a very good experience with Dr Garima. She explained in very simple words about the need for space maintainer in my son's teeth and the entire procedure was very smooth and painless. My son enjoyed watching his favorite cartoon during the treatment. Hospital is very hygienic and nurse is friendly.
Dharmesh Rawat
Dharmesh Rawat
09:20 27 Sep 20
Dr.Rohit Kumar is very professional and experienced surgeon in Medeor Dubai. He sails you smooth for surgery with his professional skills and friendly nature. I was admitted at Medeor Dubai for my recurrent Hernia Surgery under Dr.Rohit. All went safe and smooth, recovery is also good. I was briefed by Dr about the whole procedure, so I was well prepared for my surgery and recovery. All nursing staff were well experienced and helpful during my stay. I always trust Dr.Rohit, he has enormous surgery experience.Thank you Dr. and all nursing staff for your help.
Anthony Fernandes
Anthony Fernandes
16:47 20 Sep 20
Dr. Saheer has been very kind and helpful to treat my case. My covid-19 related pulmonary issues were well diagnosed and prescribed appropriate medication for my quick recovery. I started feeling better in couple of days of my medications.He is not only professional doctor, more over understand his patients and explain the sickness and medication course personally to show the importance and care.Today was my second visit to the hospital. All nurse's, support staff, pharmacist where very kind and helpful..Thank you Dr. Saheer
sumit shetty
sumit shetty
09:07 17 Sep 20
Highly impressed with the friendly approach of Dr Garima Khandelwal along with my daughter throughout the treatment , I have earlier seen kids very frightened to visit the dentist fearing the pain the same i had seen with my daughter on her very 1st visit but after the 1st visit and the way Dr Garima had conversation with my daughter the fear went off and my daughter Shresta was actually excited to visit her the Doctor for rest of her future visits . The Best Pediatric Dentist i have come across & highly recommend for her professional & friendly approach..
Yessir Alimohammed
Yessir Alimohammed
05:53 17 Sep 20
Special thanks to Dr.Rohit KumarGood experience Excellent Care.All staffs are good
Maheshkumar V.S
Maheshkumar V.S
16:55 13 Sep 20
Posting on 13/9/2020 after a visit gone terribly bad. Visited the dermatologist 4 days before for an allergy. She send samples for biopsy. I received a msg saying reports are ready the next. I confirm it over a call and schedule my next visit. I reached today and waited for 1.5 hrs in this COVID situation to be told that my reports aren't ready. They didn't even have an idea that a visit had happened few days before. They are explaining to me about having more than one file open under my name. Why should I care if you have more than one file open or not. It your responsibility and especially considering the delicate situation when ppl think twice before visiting a hospital that your patients and their rights are catered too. It's not not just enough to frame about patient rights in every wall of yours it's important to practice them too. I'll think twice about visiting you again.a
sam john
sam john
08:58 12 Sep 20
Happy treatment experience by Dr Garima and staff. Friendly clinic and professional attitude.
Ritika t
Ritika t
08:53 10 Sep 20
It is very bad experience there is only one staff for registration for covid test , waiting for long hours talking about social distancing for registration is so much time how people can keep social distancing so many people are came for covid test
IDEAS Creative
IDEAS Creative
06:55 10 Sep 20
Dr. Rohit Kumar is Excellent and I like his professional skills with patients and Hospital and Staff were very friendly.Fast Services with professional experience Thank you....
ibrahim mohammad
ibrahim mohammad
17:45 09 Sep 20
Recently visited Dr. Garima again for my son's cavities and was really impressed by her work attitude and professionalism, she is a very experienced doctor with a nice approach and skills. I do recommend her for any dental issue. I would also like to thank her team and receptionists for kind help.
vishmi thamara
vishmi thamara
13:37 05 Sep 20
First time visit for my 3 year old daughter to a dentist and we were very happy to have found Dr Garima. She explained our child in fun terms and even put her choice of cartoons.
bilel dahdah
bilel dahdah
17:16 04 Sep 20
A lot of appreciations to the physiotherapist Mr.Faisal Sherwani .
Anas Khida
Anas Khida
12:27 27 Aug 20
Very good hospital I went to there emergency twice and they are very fast and there staff are very nice there doctors are very good but once when I was in the emergency my knee twisted I did an X-ray nothing showed then I had to do an MRI but it took very very long time they asked for the MRI at 6pm and I waited there till 11pm until I did it .
pari gidwani
pari gidwani
11:46 25 Aug 20
Just had a wonderful experience with my daughter with Dr Garima . She is very gentle when it comes to nervous children. My daughter is now very happy to see the dentist , she didn’t want to leave the clinic . Dr Garima was also very honest and explained all the treatment options very clearly. I recommend her to all my friends now. Could not be happier! My daughter loved to put her picture on the bravery wall.
Varsha Bhatia
Varsha Bhatia
08:10 23 Aug 20
Taken my grandmother in an emergency 2 days back. She was thankfully discharged the same night. however with shortage of hospital staff evrything took a lot of time. I called back the hospital yesterday as i wanted to speak to the doctor incharge for a query. The call centre agent transferred the call but there was no answer and i was promised a call back within the day but it has been more than 24 hours and i have not yet received any call back. is this a service you give for a patient who was bought in emergency?? Again today morning i have been trying to get connected to the hospital but yet no answer and you have to keep waiting on the line even if it is for 30 minutesWe understand that you must be busy with walk in patients but again due to the pandemic one should understand it is not always possible to get the patient who is 78 years old to keep getting her to the hospital everytime and one should be atleast avaialble over phone to answer our queires.
alds d aguila
alds d aguila
15:20 19 Aug 20
Been attended my physio therapy here, it was the best experience to be with jolly therapist. I really appreciate at very accommodating during my recovery period. It really helps a lot for faster healing of my injury. And the therapist is so dedicated on his work, able to give best exercises on my journey to recovery. Once again, kudos to you, Mr. Deebash... Wish you all the best... Thank you...👍👍👍
pooja agarwal
pooja agarwal
15:07 12 Aug 20
Dr Garima is one of the best pediatric dentist that I have known. She is very courteous and gentle with kids and has a high level of knowledge and expertise in her field. My niece has been a v difficult to deal with , but Dr Garima handled her so well that she loved her dental experience. I would recommend her for all problems with your child’s teeth. She is the best in town.
divesh nair
divesh nair
14:35 12 Aug 20
We went to Dr. Garima after reading the positive reviews. Glad to say our experience with her is in line with what people have already said about her. Our son who's 6 years old, had undergone teeth extraction, which can be a daunting thing even for an adult. The doctor helped him relax and made the process as smooth as you can imagine. She uses techniques to keep the kids calm and rewards them for bravery.
wendie salvan
wendie salvan
11:11 11 Aug 20
Well done to Dr. Rohit Kumar through out my surgery. He made me feel that I was in safe hand. Being here is like I’m in a trusted family =)
Gus Al-Zabri
Gus Al-Zabri
12:29 09 Aug 20
Exceeded all my expectations.I visited the Hospital yesterday and consulted with Dr. Mounir Hamad for the first time.He truly cares about his patients. He treated me like he knows me although it was my first visit to him.He made me do tests immediately. He shared results later via watsapp and called personally to explain what I was reading.AS for the hospital itself, it is clean and feels safe.The staff there is super helpful, understanding and compassionate.
Vinay Pagarani
Vinay Pagarani
12:26 16 Jul 20
Superb hospital, very safe and clean. The staff headed by Dr. Manjunath helped me with an urgent Covid-19 test in time. Thanks again!
Satish kumar
Satish kumar
20:11 29 Jun 20
We had a very good experience with Dr Garima. She explained in very simple words about the need for space maintainer in my son's teeth and the entire procedure was very smooth and painless. My son enjoyed watching his favorite cartoon during the treatment. Hospital is very hygienic and nurse is friendly.
Karen joseph
Karen joseph
19:57 29 Jun 20
We consulted various dentists and pediatric dentists for cavities in my 2 year old daughters teeth. We were given many options but none of them made us so comfortable like Dr Garima. She patiently answered all our queries and treated my daughter very efficiently under general Anesthesia. We are very pleased with the outcome and our daughter now doesnt feel any pain in her teeth and smiles often. Thank you so much Dr Garima for the wonderful job.
Dinakaram Dinakar
Dinakaram Dinakar
09:56 24 Jun 20
Thank you Rohit Kumar 🙏🙏🙏🙏You are an Amazing surgeon at medeor hospital 👌👌👌👌Made me feel comfortable throughout my surgery.Taken care me as a family member .....Thank you so much Dr.Rohit Kumar for your support Thanks to medeor .
Snigdha Singh
Snigdha Singh
14:10 21 Jun 20
I had an emergency surgery for my appendix removal by Dr Rohit Kumar.Though I was not mentally prepared for it... He made it easy for me through proper counselling and guidance. He is a great professional and amazing at his work. Everything happened so seamlessly and i am doing well and recovered in just 7 days. A big thanks to him for his kindness throughout.I would also like to thank all the staff and post operative nursing care for their efforts and kindness they bestowed during my stay in the hospital.
Santosh Burja
Santosh Burja
13:30 21 Jun 20
Hi, This is Santosh, I just want to say many thanks to Medeor Hospital team as well as Mr. Deebash Thakurathi, I did my physiotherapy with Deebash Thakurathi last week its really nice treatment, Now Im feeling batter i can relax easily, Thanks Again Deebash.
Zabihulla Sharipov
Zabihulla Sharipov
10:10 21 Jun 20
Thank you Dr Rohit Kumar I’m happy to share my experience with Dr Rohit Kumar Head of surgery at Medeor hospital Dubai. Я чувствую себя намного лучше после операции все прошло гладко.Спасибо, доктор Рохит Кумар, вы замечательный доктор с улыбкой. God bless you.
Saman Siddiqui
Saman Siddiqui
21:02 05 Jun 20
I always consult Dr Deepak Gandhi, the best pediatrician for my daughter. He's very kind and humble and checked my daughter in detail. He's an optimist doctor and never scare us in any situation only positive words and advises. I would recommend him to every parent. May God bless him.
Sneha Todi
Sneha Todi
19:23 13 Mar 20
During the epidemic also, hospitals have no staffing. Moreover, the emergency services is pathetic with rude receptionist and the time consumed will be more than the regular visit. Deepak at the emergency reception is very rude, no mannerism and unfit to be in this profession or maybe he is tired working.Doctor checked after 20 minutes but for the medicine prescription it took 1 hour.And the best of all, hospital reception and pharmacy is with NO STAFF
Khalid Hossain Chowdhury
Khalid Hossain Chowdhury
11:57 27 Jan 20
Dr Nagendra is very good doctor. He made me feel comfortable throughout surgery.He is an amazing person and professional approach. Explained everything clearly. I am very happy to recommend him to our friends and family. Thanks a lot for all the support.All staffs are very polite and helpful.The facility and services are great
Anurag dubey
Anurag dubey
13:05 08 Jan 19
Its like a hotel .multiple specialities hospital with nice staff .Nearby metro is burjman and near to al seef creek side area.
21:58 05 Aug 18
Suite à une piqure d insecte à Paris quelques jours avant mon départ en vacances à Dubai, j'ai dû me rendre dans cet hôpital car avec le vol et la chaleur mon pied c est infecté. L' hôpital est très propre et on se sent comme à la maison. Le personnel est d'une gentillesse exceptionnelle et les médecins sont compétents et très à l'écoute des patients. Rien à voir avec le corps médical français qui devrait faire un stage dans ce genre d' hôpital pour retrouver les fondamentaux de leur métier... Donc si vous devez vous rendre dans un hôpital à Dubai (je ne le souhaite à personne) n'hésitez pas et allez y, vous ne serez pas déçu. Donc encore une fois, merci à l'ensemble de l'équipe et mention spéciale au Dr DILDAR Hussain qui est au top .Il n'y a rien à redire sur cet hôpital. Samy
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