NMC Hospital DIP

NMC Hospital DIP Dubai

NMC Hospital DIP est spécialisé en soins dentaires, chirurgie esthétique, PMA / FIV et implant capillaire. Fondée en 1975, cette clinique certifiée JCI Accredited est située à Dubai, Emirats Arabes Unis. Voir les avis clients, les photos avant/après et demandez le prix des opérations de chirurgie à l’étranger. Remplissez le formulaire pour un pré-diagnostic gratuit. Réponse rapide.

NMC Hospital DIP, Dubai, Emirats Arabes Unis

NMC Hospital DIP fait partie de NMC Healthcare – la plus grande entreprise privée de soins de santé des Émirats arabes unis et l’un des principaux fournisseurs de services de fertilité au monde.

Ayant obtenu l’accréditation JCI en 2016, l’hôpital adhère aux normes les plus élevées en matière de qualité et de soins. L’hôpital compte plus de 30 établissements de soins de santé avec des unités de cardiologie, de dentisterie, de dermatologie, d’ORL, de chirurgie générale, de neurologie, d’obstétrique et de gynécologie, d’oncologie, d’ophtalmologie, d’orthopédie, de chirurgie plastique et d’urologie.



Spécialité de la clinique :

Soins Dentaires
Greffe osseuse
Appareil dentaire
Protège-dents personnalisé
Collage dentaire
Bridge dentaire
Bilan dentaire
Couronne dentaire
Scanner dentaire
Implant dentaire
Reconstitution corono-radiculaire
Consultation en dentisterie
Extraction dentaire
Bridge dentaire sur implants
Prothèse hybride sur implants
Prothèse Inlays / Onlays
Orthodontie linguale
Mini implant dentaire
Débridement des plaies
Traitement d’un kyste dentaire
Dentiste pédiatrique
Bagues dentaires
Traitement du canal radiculaire
Résection apicale
Rabotage des racines
Greffe du sinus
Nettoyage dentaire
Blanchissement dentaire
Prothèse dentaire provisoire
Traitement de l’abcès dentaire
Extraction dentaire
Remplissage dentaire
Scellant dentaire
Facette dentaire
Extraction dents de sagesse
Implant zygomatique

Chirurgie Esthétique
Lifting du corps
Lifting brésilien
Augmentation mammaire
Implants mammaires
Lifting des seins
Reconstruction mammaire
Réduction mammaire
Lifting des sourcils
Extraction de graisse buccale
Lifting des fesses
Implants fessiers
Implants de mollets
Remplissage cutané
Chirurgie des fossettes
Lifting cervico-facial
Augmentation des lèvres
Lifting du cou
Traitement des cicatrices
Lifting des cuisses
Traitement des varices
Traitement des rides

Insémination artificielle
Éclosion assistée PMA
Transfert embryonnaire
Congélation d’embryons
Transfert d’embryons
Évaluation de la fertilité
Echographie folliculaire
Test hormonal
FIV – Fécondation in vitro
IMSI – Injection intracytoplasmique de spermatozoïdes
Consultation en FIV
Méthode ROPA
Consultation en médecine reproductive
Congélation de sperme

Implant Capillaire
Greffe de sourcils
Greffe de cheveux

Services +

Transfert de l’aéroport
Logement familial
Wifi gratuit
Réservation d’hotel
Journaux internationaux
Services d’interprétation
Guide touristique
Chambres accessible PMR
Consultation par internet
Téléphone dans la chambre
Chambres privées
Précautions alimentaires
Services de traduction
TV dans la chambre

Ville : Dubai – Pays : Emirats Arabes Unis – Fondé en 1975 
Accréditation : JCI Accredited – Langue(s) parlée(s) : Arabe, Anglais, Français, Allemand, Russe

Avis de NMC Royal Hospital, DIP

Anshiella Mae Tongol
Anshiella Mae Tongol
09:16 10 Nov 20
NMC Royal hospital’ highly recommended!! i deliver my baby Boy ❤️ facilities are good’ clean and neat . One of the thing that i like are the staffs/nurses very friendly, accommodating and helpful they always keep checking me time to time. Special thanks to Dr. Kavitha Leela ‘ thanks so much doc your the best and to all nurses who assisted me during the day of my delivery. I forgot all the names ✌🏼 KUDOS to all of you!
liza joy
liza joy
07:33 04 Nov 20
I have come here for the first time. Everyone is so nice, the nurse is coming and wishing you well, every small detail of care is given, food is served nicely, nice smelling, well presented, I would recommend this place to any person suffering from illness. Doctors examined me well and treated me after proper examination. Hospital management checks on you. Reception services are also excellent. Correct to the point. Hospital processes are detailed. Even the doctor who performed my CT Sacn was straight to the point. Very happy with everything.
Khaled Abouali
Khaled Abouali
02:54 03 Nov 20
Très décevant. Les personnes transportant des billets peuvent faire le test Covid-19 et bénéficier d'une réduction de 40%. Mais les personnes déterminées ne peuvent obtenir que 15%. Du pur business !!! Bien que le gouvernement ait annoncé que les personnes déterminées peuvent faire le test gratuitement, NMC ne postule pas. Hier, j'y suis allé et ils ont donné à ma fille seulement 15% de réduction. Honnêtement, j'ai regretté pourquoi j'ai accepté cela et j'ai décidé d'y aller aujourd'hui et de le leur rendre !! Je ne suis pas un mendiant d'aller parler au PRO comme la réceptionniste m'a guidé. Cela devrait être initié par l'hôpital. Au revoir NMC. Je ne vous rendrai plus visite avec 35 employés.
Prakash B
Prakash B
02:27 23 Oct 20
The hospital is very good management and having good responses with all staffs.2days back my wife delivery was done very smoothly.Doctor (Dr. Kvita M) suggestions and conventions is very good, after delivery baby take care doctor and staffs are very well supported.Even the fees charges also very affordableOver all is satisfactory.
irfan ahmad
irfan ahmad
08:44 18 Oct 20
i am very happy with the hospital. other hospital we have to wait for nurse after ringing Bell but here they come immediately. all services very.nice. everyone behavior is very good
Tintin Ultimate
Tintin Ultimate
11:22 10 Oct 20
We amused by lovely team in NMC Hospital in DIP. I had our 1st baby boy on Thursday. Dr. Amany was like mother to us during all delivery. Had normal delivery and I can say it's not easy to find Dr. to encourage you for normal delivery since everyone push for C- section... Dr. Amany has all experience and professionalism that we looked for as young expats...Also, all lovely nurses who rush to us anytime 24hrs. Specifically sister nurse Mina who has an angel patience with me while feeding (despite her pregnancy). She definitely loves taking care with emotional touch. All my best wishes to her in life and career.
Sunil Gawli
Sunil Gawli
08:56 10 Oct 20
Laboratory services aren't good. Only 1 staff is taking the blood test even though there are 2 rooms for taking samples. Token system should be introduced to understand the exact number of patients & waiting number. Service desk staff is just keeping the tags in counter that is picked in any sequence by nurse. The patients who come after you will be going before you.
Mario Napoleon
Mario Napoleon
08:48 10 Oct 20
Very Nice and Helpful hospital. All staff was friendly and attentive, with high level of sanitary procedures to serve the patient’s, the doctor’s showed great Professionalism and Carefully examined the issues and kept a close eye on the follow up of medical issues. In general the hospital is one of the best i have been to. 🙌🏾
Miguel Bo
Miguel Bo
09:10 25 Sep 20
Great hospital, dr mehmet cardiologist are extremely friendly and knows what he do, he give attention to tiny details and bare the loads of questions with a smile. Customer service are so professional along with all nurses, salute
Mike Samir
Mike Samir
14:55 17 Sep 20
If you want to be late and receive you covid test after 48 hours, go to NMC.The slowest place to get tested
Fadi Harba
Fadi Harba
15:11 13 Sep 20
Too long process for PCR COVID-19 test.I took me 70 minutes to take the sample and half an hour to pay after....
Aditya Bhalla
Aditya Bhalla
09:43 10 Sep 20
Best hospital I would say with so much professional caring Doctors & staff.I would specially like to recommend Dr Monika Mangla- Specialist Obstetrics and Gynaecology , right from first month of my wife's pregnancy till her normal delivery ,everything was taken care so well and we were guided at each stage of pregnancy.We are also so much thankful to delivery room nursing staff who were very proactive and motivating in the entire process.Thank you so much NMC -DIP , we can definitely recommend for Gynaecology this hospital based on our excellent experience.
Salome Singh
Salome Singh
15:02 08 Sep 20
What a brilliant experience - major thanks go to Ms. Sachitha Suni who provided superior service to me and my son who went to get PCR tests on separate occasions. She went out of her way to help us feel comfortable and made the testing a smooth and comfortable experience. She has answered calls after working hours to ensure that my son had his Covid test report in hand before he travelled. Mr Krishna at the guest relations is also extremely helpful. Thank you very much and please keep it up 🙂
Christine Muriuki
Christine Muriuki
12:54 01 Sep 20
Nurse krishnaveni very kind and helpful always there on time and encouraging the patient, making one feeling relaxed. Good job keep it up
kerala Techmantra
kerala Techmantra
11:25 30 Aug 20
Went to do a Covid test in here. Nearly 5 people in the counter. I came first and the reception people are so happy talking each without doing anything. Pray to get a job as a receptionist in DIP branch. Especially a Kerala guy with bald head sitting in the counter. Be frank he thinks he owned NMC!! 🤣🤣🤣.
Imran Arif
Imran Arif
16:05 26 Aug 20
Expensive but staff facilitates to patients very kind and friendly
Pinky Patra
Pinky Patra
07:43 25 Aug 20
I am blessed with a baby boy, it was a nice experience with NMC DIP. I would like say thanks to Dr. Kavitha and Dr.Mukul and the entire team. The whole process from delivery baby to discharge both mother and baby was very very smooth.
Mobile Gourmet
Mobile Gourmet
17:56 03 Aug 20
Another awesome physician that I can add my shortlist. Dr Mehmet Urumdas who is cardiologist is very competent. I have seen him two times and I can say that he makes the care of his patients his first concern. Also his professional knowledge and skills are up to date. I highly recommend him.
Nishad Nazurdeen
Nishad Nazurdeen
08:56 22 Jul 20
We had a great experience at NMC Hospital at DIP during my wife’s pregnancy, Doctor Monika and the team was really amazing, all the staff in the hospital was vary helpful, in a more professional manner , I would say well trained and experienced staff. Very much careering,From doctor Monika all the nurses and sisters who attended during our stay, food providers and cleaning staff , and all team members are really polite ,friendly and done an amazing job, definitely I will continue with NMC Hospital as I like the service and I feel really comfortable with the staff members as they treat you like family you guys are doing an amazing work and keep it up, well done 🤗🤗
Muhammad SK
Muhammad SK
10:43 19 Jul 20
I recommend Dr. Bhushan Jayade, in NMC at DIC. He is very profressional, polite and calm. Recently i had an experience with him to remove my wisdom tooth. all went well and i am satisfied with their services.
bilal Mahmoud
bilal Mahmoud
08:03 13 Jul 20
Thank doctor maheah for your advice today and thank Mr mohamed nabil alweyz as brother to me when I visit nmc
Asad Amanat
Asad Amanat
07:48 08 Jul 20
We are really thankful to NMC royal hospital DIP. They greatly helped us in journey to be a parents.From first month we had consultation with Dr Asma Nasir(Gynecologist) i would say she is best gynecologist in town. Ultrasounds, lab tests , supplements every thing was done on regular basis and pregnancy was so smooth. She tried a lot for normal delivery but somehow it doesn’t happened. Then she did c section of my wife and Alhamdullilah surgery went very well and we had a beautiful baby.Hospital staff nurses , room service, food are Great. Thanks to NMC.
ruqaiya naqvi
ruqaiya naqvi
11:15 02 Jul 20
Ms Zarna in physiotherapy dept. I highly recommend her. V professional n good hold on her work. Very dedicated and understands the concerns n pain points . In Only two sessions with her my chronic pain got diminished and I was able to do shoulder movements. Was able to sleep peacefully after months of uncomfortable nights. M glad I met her.
Ivona Korda
Ivona Korda
14:10 28 Jun 20
Amazing team of people manage by the kind and the professional Ms. Sachitha, Operation manager.Are taking care of me during my pregnancy, following and satisfying every my request. Great team and great doctor Kavita.
shyamala santhanam
shyamala santhanam
15:03 24 Jun 20
Dr Paritosh is an excellent doctor, very cheerful, and gives his time to listen to your concerns very patiently. Another great service is the physiotherapy department. They customer service staff constantly follow up, to book your appointments. The team is very concerned about your outcome. The therapist Zerina is excellent, very committed to ensure her patients have a good outcome, explains every small detail of the problem, helps and support in every way possible, very competent and knowledgeable able. She is always pleasant. she is very good in her assessment which no one had ever identified in my case.I had almost 10 sessions, and I got much better after her thetapy. I strongly recommend to get your sessions with her.
esam hassan
esam hassan
07:57 22 Jun 20
Thank you nmc really for the excellent Services and i would like to give special thanks for the orthopedic recipients mr mohamed nabil and ms ericka they are very friendly and help full thanks nmc
Ifrah Matto
Ifrah Matto
10:03 10 Mar 20
Special thanks to Dr. Asma and all the dear nurses. You all have been so kind, loving and compassionate. You took great care of me and my baby and we will forever be thankful to you. NMC royal hospital has provided me an excellent service and a very memorable experience. I will definitely recommend to all my near and dear ones. Lots of love. Ifrah Room 306
Mo Refaat
Mo Refaat
16:51 09 Mar 20
Dr. Mohamed Salim from Orthopedics department is one of the most coolest doctors in NMC DIP. Very polite, very supportive, very very motivated, for the second time I’m visiting him and just his words keeps me feel I’m doing great even with big pain. Thank you Dr. Mohamed Salim for your support (highly recommended for everyone)Also special thanks to Mohamed Nabil from the reception who’s always smile to people and very quick, knows what to do and very efficient. Keep the great work up Mohamed!
Tube Pedia
Tube Pedia
03:23 29 Feb 20
Very good and clean hospital, staff are so friendly despite some issues and delay in emergency area which need lots of improvement regarding waiting area ,better diagnosis but the external clinic are way better especially for pediatric dept and the in patient service is top level along with specialsed doctors and nurses and clean environment and kids friendly rooms
Nashra Manzoor
Nashra Manzoor
11:23 19 Feb 20
What a hospital where no one answers the phone for hours! I have been trying all extensions from labs to customer service to appointments and even “emergency”. But only if any staff is free to pick up! Seems like all are taking long leisure lunch breaks!! Ridiculous, horrible, crazy experience “every time” with phone calls or pharmacy in this hospital. I need to contact someone in labs for urgent results, where patient is seriously ill BUT NO ONE PICKS THE PHONE IN THIS HOSPITAL. Hope the management does something about this before opening another branch. You guys need to get this correct. ZERO CUSTOMER SERVICE.
Azam Anwar
Azam Anwar
17:56 01 Apr 19
Hospital with 24 Hours emergency service. I visited here twice at Dental Department for dental treatment. Basement parking is available. Nursing staff is helpful.
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