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SALUSS Medical Center Antalya

SALUSS Medical Center est spécialisé en implant capillaire. Fondée en 2018, cette clinique certifiée est située à Antalya, Turquie. Voir les avis clients, les photos avant/après et demandez le prix des opérations de chirurgie à l’étranger. Remplissez le formulaire pour un pré-diagnostic gratuit. Réponse rapide.

SALUSS Medical Center, Antalya, Turquie

Officiellement ouverte en 2018, la clinique d’Antalya a pour objectif d’aider les patients à prendre des décisions sûres et éclairées sur les options médicales à moindre coût. Spécialisée dans la restauration des cheveux, la chirurgie plastique et les traitements dentaires, la clinique est très populaire auprès des patients locaux et des touristes médicaux.

Spécialité de la clinique :

Chirurgie plastique
Augmentation mammaire
Réduction mammaire
Augmentation des fesses
Facette dentaire

Soins dentaires
Implant dentaire
Nettoyage dentaire

Implant Capillaire
Greffe de cheveux
Greffe de barbe
Greffe de sourcils

Services +

Transfert de l’aéroport
Wifi gratuit
Journaux internationaux
Services d’interprétation
Guide touristique
Réservation de taxi
Services de traduction
TV dans la chambre

Ville : Antalya – Pays : Turquie – Fondé en 2018 
Accréditation : Non renseigné – Langue(s) parlée(s) : Anglais, Turc

Avis de SALUSS Medical Group 

18:55 29 Jun 20
If I could give more than 5 stars I would, When I first contacted Dr Selah about dental implants he couldn't have been more helpful. From the moment I stepped of the plane his team provided a first class service and were exceptionally friendly and professional putting me completely at ease about the surgery and my stay. Everything was arranged with updates, information and assistance every step of the way. Dr Selah and his team are first class in every way possible, and I really want to thank every single one of them for their support and great work from beginning to end. I can't wait to meet them again in 3 months for my final stage. ❤️❤️❤️
Arzu Isgin
Arzu Isgin
10:11 10 Apr 20
Slmlar 1ay once dislerimi yaptırdım saluss madikal Antalya da.. Gercekten o kadar memnun kaldımki.. Yeni dislerimle hayata cok daha guzel gulumsuyorum.. Ayhan bey ve ekibi ne benimle bu kadar ilgilendikleri icin tesekkur ediyorum.. Herkeskere siddetle tavsiye ederim.. Sevgıler.. 💯💯⭐
baybars07 1905
baybars07 1905
11:40 07 May 20
Merhaba.salusshair de yaptırdığım saç ekimi için ayhan bey başta olmak üzere tüm ekip arkadaşlarına çok teşekkür ederim.işlerini severek ve başarılı bir şekilde yapıyorlar.son derece ilgili ve her konuda yardımcı oluyorlar.Şuan ekim yaptıralı 10 gün oldu şuan çok memnunum.6 ay sonra tekrar yorum atacağım.
selahattin ay
selahattin ay
12:44 06 Jan 19
Hair transplantation dental treatment plastic surgery clinic
Sheralyn Silvester
Sheralyn Silvester
11:51 24 Aug 20
I cannot recommend them enough. I’m so happy with everything. I had upper eyelid lift, Botox and gastric sleeve. Before you go in for surgery they do loads of tests first. They found that I had pneumonia and I didn’t have a fever or anything. They showed me the X-ray and my lungs were almost completely white. They were full of bacteria which was caused from mold in my house. They saved my life, I never knew I was so sick. They gave me breathing treatments, antibiotics drips and breathing tests. They kept me in the hospital until all was clear. They did gastric sleeve and found a huge hernia and fixed it. They are all so wonderful and helpful. I’m especially thankful to Özgün who translated everything for me and went above and beyond to help me. I’m so glad I made the choice to go with Saluss. If you’re thinking of surgery don’t hesitate they are the best!!!
Diseph Emma-Ikata
Diseph Emma-Ikata
15:02 21 Aug 20
Gastric BalloonIt was an amazing experience considering I came by myself. They did everything promised in the invoice/quote and the hospital where the surgery was done was clean and I was in a nice suite by myself and treated right. If I needed anything all i had to do was text and it was gotten for me. Oh my room had an amazing seaview it was beautiful to watch and when I was stronger about 3 days after my procedure I went to the beach and para sailed.Worth every penny and more.
Nikki Green
Nikki Green
12:11 05 Aug 20
Fantastic, professional service. Everything from communications, accommodations, travel & after care was first class. I highly recommend Saluss Medical Group.
Armagan Canpolat
Armagan Canpolat
19:00 23 Apr 20
Operasyonumu yaptirali yaklasik 25 gün olmak uzere. Benim burayı secmemdeki önceliğim İlk görüşmemde güven verici ve bu işte gercekten cok sayıda tecrübelerinin olmasıydı. Steril ve titizlikle tamamlanmış olan operasyon surecimden ben cok memnunum henuz sonuç aşamasında olmasamda ekim alanımın ve saclarımın 25 günde olabilecek en güzel duruma sahip olduğunu düşünüyorum. Ve güzel bir sonuç alacağımıza inanıyorum. Ve Saluss Hair saç ekim merkezinin bir kaç sene içinde gercekten daha da iyi yerlere geleceğinden de eminim. Sac ekimi yaptırmayı düşünüyorsanız gidip görüşmeniz gereken yerlerin başında yer almalı. 👌👌👌 teşekürler saluss hair.
Burak Yavuz
Burak Yavuz
19:18 23 Apr 20
Saç ekimini 4 ay önce burada yaptırdımHer ne kadar çekimser ve korkuyla gitmiş olsamda, girdiğim ortamda bunun gereksiz olduğunu bana yansıttılar. Saç ekimi için boşa yer aramayın alo diyin ve gidin emeği geçenlerin hepsine teşekkürlerimi sunuyorum...
Meftun Kucukbulut
Meftun Kucukbulut
01:32 15 Jul 20
Kendilerini sorumlu olarak tanıtan kişiler...yaramaz...işletme hakkında birşey deyemem..tanımam..tanismadim..o sebebden dolayı puan veremem
Gem Lee
Gem Lee
09:19 04 Aug 20
WORST COMPANY EVER!!breast surgery was told transfers would be included in my package the wrong doctor turned up we met in a hotel room for examination . Very rude and very unreliable service . On the day of the operation after complaining about no transport they arranged transport for me to get to the hospital for my operation . They didn't turn up to collect me so I rang the doctor to be told they didn't want my money and they cancelled my operation . Not only did I pay for my flights here I was left here having to find another surgeon in the short stay I have left . This happened this morning . I CAME ALL THE WAY FROM THE UK for this
Mariya z
Mariya z
11:31 12 Jul 20
Very Unprofessional, I was offered a job with saluss medical as an employee, I worked for Dr Salah living in the UK calling patients and making content for his website, all which he said I will be paid for. He thenoffered me to come to turkey and work on trail for a week however was not willing to tell me where I would be staying the name of hotel etc then when I asked for confirmation I was told it isn't a hotel it's an apartment on his name, then I said so do you have any confirmation of that and he said he will renew his contract later and then he will send me which didn't happen.I asked if I can get everything on email he agreed at first then later said no I have to trust him! Then I said you agreed first I need to know before flying out I need to be sure where I am staying the name etc and can I please get paid for the work I have done while staying in the UK and he replied saying thank you for your time I'll look for someone else! Disgusting as a UK citizen and in every other country things are done via email to ensure scam and fraud like this doesn't exist and you actually do get paid for the work you did, I worked for months from home only for him to not pay me as I "trusted" him they are very Unprofessional and expect me to come to turkey without giving any confirmation of where I will stay ontop changing things he had agreed to for example sending me everything on email and I was supposed to be in a hotel then changed to apartment which he couldn't provide any proof of, please be careful if you do choose to take a job they will suck you dry of your work not pay you and I honestly don't know what would have happend if I did fly out to them they are very Unprofessional, and as for people as patients if they are so unprofessional with staff I ensure you they wouldn't be professional when it comes to treating you and your after care all they are about is their work being done and in your case money being paid please be careful everyone.Mariya
Stephanie Bidle
Stephanie Bidle
13:06 04 Jul 20
Provided ineffective teeth whitening treatment. Teeth are just as yellow or more yellow than before I started. I have photos to prove it. It cost 2150TL cash. I told both Saluss and MyMediTravel that I am unhappy, but I got no reply at all. I sent 3 emails in the last 2 weeks. It’s unprofessional. Before my treatment/payment, they always responded very quickly. Now nothing and it has stressed me out. Now they have my money they don’t care about my satisfaction or the results. I will not use again or recommend.
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