The Kensington Dental Spa

The Kensington Dental Spa Londres

The Kensington Dental Spa est spécialisé en soins dentaires. Fondée en 1969, cette clinique certifiée est située à Londres, Royaume-Uni. Voir les avis clients, les photos avant/après et demandez le prix des opérations de chirurgie à l’étranger. Remplissez le formulaire pour un pré-diagnostic gratuit. Réponse rapide.

The Kensington Dental Spa, Londres, Royaume-Uni

Les dentistes du Kensington Dental Spa proposent une variété de soins dentaires généraux et de traitements dentaires esthétiques tels que le blanchiment des dents, les implants et les facettes. En outre, ils proposent également certains des traitements orthodontiques les plus modernes, notamment les appareils dentaires Invisalign, un appareil dentaire amovible très populaire qui peut transformer complètement un sourire en six mois seulement. Totalement invisible et confortable à porter, Invisalign est une excellente alternative aux appareils dentaires métalliques traditionnels. Si vous luttez contre le bruxisme, autrement dit le grincement des dents, leurs dentistes peuvent vous aider.

Le grincement des dents est un problème courant qui peut causer des maux de tête, des douleurs à la mâchoire et rendre difficiles les activités quotidiennes comme manger et parler. Discutez des possibilités de traitement du grincement des dents avec l’un des dentistes, dont l’équipe se passionne pour vous fournir les meilleurs soins possibles. Les dentistes progressent continuellement sur le plan professionnel en fonction des nouveaux développements dans l’industrie dentaire. L’équipe est composée de professionnels de la santé hautement qualifiés et la clinique applique les normes de qualité et de sécurité les plus strictes.


Spécialité de la clinique :

Soins Dentaires
Radiographie dentaire
Nettoyage dentaire
Remplissage dentaire
Reconstitution corono-radiculaire
Rabotage des racines
Traitement du bruxisme
Bagues dentaires
Blanchissement dentaire
Traitement du canal radiculaire
Résection apicale
Bridge dentaire
Couronne dentaire
Prothèse Inlays / Onlays
Facette dentaire
Traitement d’un kyste dentaire
Implant dentaire
Appareil dentaire
Consultation en dentisterie esthétique
Bilan dentaire
Consultation en dentisterie
Remodelage des dents

Services +

Wifi gratuit
Services d’interprétation
Transfert de dossiers médicaux
Consultation par internet

Ville : Londres – Pays : Royaume-Uni – Fondé en 1969 
Accréditation : Non renseigné – Langue(s) parlée(s) : Arabe, Anglais, Français, Allemand, Hindi, Hongrois, Italien, Polonais, Portugais, Russe, Espagnol

Avis de Kensington Dental Practice

Louise Bailey Hair Extensions London
Louise Bailey Hair Extensions London
22:08 16 Dec 20
I would like to say a big Thank you to Dr Maryam Sabbaghi for always looking after my teeth and going that extra mile to care for mine and my family’s teeth. I have had crowns fitted over the year and my front teeth had some cosmetic building up on. All of these services I have never had any problems with and been so happy with the results.
Lucy Sargeson
Lucy Sargeson
12:47 29 Nov 20
Visited last week and was great! The dentist I saw was friendly and gave great service. I cannot thank the dentist enough, he was so helpful and gave me great advice too. Just went for the annual NHS check up and clean and the service was great. I had to wait a little while but apart from that I would highly recommend. Thank you
Anastasia Kozlovtseva
Anastasia Kozlovtseva
11:55 19 Nov 20
Had a teeth whitening done with Dr.Maryam - couldn't be happier! A high class professional who knows her job inside out and makes you feel comfortable. Thank you!
K. Stets
K. Stets
14:36 16 Oct 20
Dr. Maryam Sabbaghi is such a lovely person, she is always full of smiles, very friendly and puts you at ease. She is also a fantastic dentist, she had done an excellent job on my teeth. Cannot be more happier. Highly recommend to anyone!
Alia Dubai
Alia Dubai
21:50 07 Sep 20
Dr.Maryam is very passionate about her job! She had my best interest in her heart and was very honest about giving me all the treatment options and explaining everything until she made sure I fully understood !She makes dental appointments much less stressful with her calm nature genuine kindness and care! I have had dental phobia for years but I feel safe with her!
Aleksnadra Trojanowska
Aleksnadra Trojanowska
10:09 06 Sep 20
Le personnel est toujours sympathique, poli et professionnel et de loin supérieur aux autres dentistes que j'ai utilisés à Londres.J'ai eu beaucoup de travail esthétique au cours de la dernière année et ma dentiste Maryam Sabbaghi ​​m'a très bien soigné, et je suis satisfaite des résultats finaux. Le personnel du cabinet vous fait vous sentir comme chez vous et ne vous fait jamais sentir pressé lors de vos rendez-vous. Je recommande vivement cet endroit, en particulier le Dr Maryam ️
Iman Lissassi
Iman Lissassi
17:35 03 Sep 20
It’s a lovely Modern clinic in Kensington offering high quality services from a well trained practitioners. Thank you so much Dr Maryam Sabbaghi for taking good care of me. See you soon
seta shahabi
seta shahabi
08:58 03 Sep 20
Dr Maryam is the best ...she is so professional and friendly, would highly recommend her to anyone...
Angela NG
Angela NG
19:19 22 Aug 20
I went to this Dental Clinic as a new patient. Booked an appointment with the Hygienist and was informed that the cost of scaling will be £85.When I entered the room, the hygienist was friendly and we spent some time chatting about my family. After she finished scaling the bottom set of my teeth, she informed me that the 30min was up and she has to stop...even though I had only been there for 25min (including the time she chatted with me). I informed her that I would like to minimise my visit to medical clinics due to the Coronavirus pandemic and she agreed to complete the upper set of tooth. She finally completed the scaling for my full set of teeth after I was in the room for 40min.However, I was finally charged £125 instead of £85 as she claimed that she worked for 45min. I find it ridiculous that I have to pay her to chat with me and for her to appear friendly. If they insist to charge by the minute(which I will be happy to pay and should be informed at the time of the booking) , it is completely unjustifiable for them to round it up to the nearest 15min or charge for the time she uses to appear friendly to make small talk. The hygienist insisted that she was working on my teeth while chatting with me; which I found completely absurd as no one would be able to speak properly with dental tools in their mouth! The only way I could speak and reply back to her is when she pauses to scale my teeth.Would definitely not recommend this clinic as they are rip off merchants and unprofessional.
Didi Wong
Didi Wong
14:48 15 Aug 20
Most awful experience I ever have. Once I told the doctor I want to NHS service. Then the doctor started to ask me do I his do that. Told me you need pay £900. Really really awful and disappointed. Please do not go there. After I went to another dentist in empire college. Same thing they only ask £68. And very friendly. I am highly recommended empire college dentist! Professional!
Lingyi Du
Lingyi Du
21:09 10 Aug 20
I went to the clinic to fix a lost filling. The receptionist was super nice and patient and the booking process was very smooth. However I couldn’t trust the dentist who attended me and had to turn to a different private clinic after my initial visit - apart from my problematic tooth, I was advised to get 3 more fillings on my other teeth (£195 each, for very minimal early cavity) which my new dentist concluded completely unnecessary. When I expressed hesitation, the dentist offered discounted price which made me doubt that their pricing was never transparent. I was also recommended to get airflow cleaning which I said yes to, but my new dentist had to perform another cleaning although the two visits were 3 days apart.
Andra C
Andra C
21:00 22 Jul 20
I visited the clinic today for the first time and I was impressed by the services and care I have received. Dr. Maryam was very professional and caring, she explained in detail all the steps that were taken which I found very reassuring. Friendly and safe environment I couldn't recommend highly enough.
Alia Zaki
Alia Zaki
19:07 02 May 20
Dr. Yunsug Yang is the worst so called 'doctor’ I have ever encountered and ever will. Avoid at all costs, save your time, money and most importantly your teeth. He ruined my teeth after putting on so called ‘braces’, as well as ruining 2 of my family member's teeth (different procedures). I had to opt to call the police after I saw the results and faced his utter rudeness. Fortunately for him, they said it was a civil matter. He is rude, unprofessional and useless at his job. I plan to sue him in the future for making me go through this outrageous experience. Once again, avoid!
Kevin Cramer
Kevin Cramer
16:33 13 Jan 20
My first experience at this dental practice was great, I chipped and broke my tooth and when I called they booked me in for the same day with Dr Andre Antunes. He fixed my teeth, they look great now. Also he was friendly and put me at ease. I highly recommend this dental practice!
13:20 13 Dec 19
i went to this practice for a few years whilst i was seeing a very good dentist here who has since moved away. however, my last experience here was awful hence why i have moved dentists now. the hygienist i saw at my last appointment was awful, she didn't do a very thorough job of my teeth at all compared with other places i have been to, and she then also proceeded to tell me i should get botox in my face. not professional at all. they rang me up a few months ago to ask when i was coming back and i told them i wouldn't be as i had an awful experience, and all i got was, oh, ok, thanks bye!
Fernanda Santos
Fernanda Santos
20:32 23 Nov 19
My dentist is Dr Andre Antunes i recomend him not only he is the best i have had in 40 years ,extremely professinal when it comes to treat you The place itself is very relax to attention
K Robinson
K Robinson
14:25 11 Oct 19
I have been going to this practice for many years and I have always found all the staff kind, attentive and professional. Lately I have done a major job and I am very satisfied with the results. Thanks to everyone, especially to Andre.
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