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WhiteZone Dental est spécialisé en soins dentaires. Fondée en 1986, cette clinique certifiée est située à Kuala Lumpur, Malaisie. Voir les avis clients, les photos avant/après et demandez le prix des opérations de chirurgie à l’étranger. Remplissez le formulaire pour un pré-diagnostic gratuit. Réponse rapide.

WhiteZone Dental, Kuala Lumpur, Malaisie

WhiteZone Dental est une pratique respectueuse de l’environnement. Ils utilisent des matériaux sans mercure et minimisent l’utilisation de papier et de plastique. Leur objectif est de fournir des soins complets tout en choisissant les techniques les plus sûres et les moins toxiques et des procédures peu invasives, afin de prévenir les maladies et les malaises futurs et de faire de leur mieux avec douceur pour minimiser la douleur dans le processus. Ils proposent les traitements suivants : pose de plombages cosmétiques, collage dentaire avec des matériaux composites, traitement des maladies des gencives, traitement des canaux, extractions chirurgicales et extraction des dents de sagesse, pose de couronnes, de ponts et de facettes pour améliorer l’apparence du sourire et blanchiment des dents.


Spécialité de la clinique :

Soins Dentaires
Radiographie dentaire
Rabotage des racines
Polissage des facettes
Remplissage dentaire
Traitement de l’abcès dentaire
Extraction dentaire
Reconstitution corono-radiculaire
Facette dentaire
Bagues dentaires
Protège-dents personnalisé
Traitement du canal radiculaire
Extraction dentaire
Blanchissement dentaire
Prothèse dentaire provisoire
Couronne dentaire
Bridge dentaire
Greffe osseuse
Appareil dentaire
Implant dentaire
Consultation en dentisterie esthétique
Bilan dentaire
Consultation en dentisterie

Services +

Wifi gratuit
Réservation d’hotel
Services d’interprétation
Consultation par internet
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Ville : Kuala Lumpur – Pays : Malaisie – Fondé en 1986 
Accréditation : Non renseigné – Langue(s) parlée(s) : Anglais


Azal Tholaya
Azal Tholaya
02:30 02 Jun 20
Did my tooth filing 3 days ago. the doctor was hitting my other tooth when she was accessing the operational tooth far inside.. all the tools were banged against my front tooth. very unprofessional. Also, the filling was not done well and i had to go back to her, but she blamed it on the old filling. I dont care if its old filling or its my natural teeth, i came for a problem to be fixed, regardless. Nurses were horrible, dropped the suction device and hit my front tooth when it dropped, not even apologies. and doctor didnt say anything. On top of this, doctor was in a rush to go for lunch, the job was not done well. horrible service. i went to them because of the high review they got.. maybe its my bad luck with this doctor.
Kay Ng
Kay Ng
07:13 29 May 20
I came in for a consultation and a routine dental filling by Dr. William, only to develop SECOND DEGREE CHEMICAL BURNS on the inside and outside of my mouth from sheer NEGLIGENCE. I suspect the mouthguard used to prop my mouth open wasnt properly cleaned of very strong acid-based disinfectant. It tasted bitter and burned my mouth when he put it in but I thought nothing of it until my gums and the skin around my mouth began to burn and blister once I got home. I am now terrified it will leave a permanent scar. The receptionist Shanti and the doctors are nice enough but I received absolutely NO compensation, NO refund, and NO apology for dental malpractice, as well as the physical and mental scars this experience has caused me. This standard of treatment is completely unacceptable and I advise anyone seeking treatment here to think twice. If it can happen to me it can happen to you.
kyung hee yun
kyung hee yun
10:01 20 Jan 20
Dr. William is very kind and professional. His hospital is in a good position, and Dr. William's hospital is worth a visit, even if it is far away. He is very kind to children who are afraid of dentistry. I want to recommend it to my acquaintances.Dr. William, thank you~저는 이 치과를 소개받아서 방문하게 돠었는데, 닥터 윌리엄은 젊고 열정적이며, 전문적입니다. 그의 병원은 좋은 위치에 있고, 닥터 월리엄의 병원은 설사 멀더라도 가 볼 가치가 있다고 생각해요. 초등 우리 딸이 치과를 무서워하는데 무사히 잘 다녀왔어요. 그리고 스탭들도 친절해요~ 나는 재방문의 의사가 있고 지인들에게 추천하고 싶어요~ ♡
08:12 14 Jan 20
The whole environment is clean and comfortable, including the waiting area. Clear and professional explanation from Dr William. No pain throughout the tooth extraction process. The staff is friendly as well and she follow up with customer on the appointment schedule. Price is reasonable. Recommended dental clinic
Karin v
Karin v
04:25 11 Dec 19
My experience here was terrific. Dr. William is knowledgeable, patient and really takes his time to explain things or give advice on proper dental hygiene and maintenance of oral health. For the cleaning, he was so gentle since I have sensitivity and I appreciate this a lot. We came from out of town to see him and would highly recommend his services. I also got a retainer made and this was done quickly and perfectly. Great quality. The receptionist Shanti is also very kind and professional
JK Tan
JK Tan
05:24 15 Jun 17
Friendly customer service. Dr Lee is very gentle & soft spoken. Reasonable price. Great dental service.
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